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Parks and Recreation: funny stuff

Oh man! Parks and Recreation is HYSTERICAL!!

I was a little skeptical at first – since it was a “The Office” style comedy (i.e., fake documentary), and I was a little worried it would be cringe humour. But so far, it has been gut-bustingly funny.

I tried watching the show earlier. I started, like I normally do with series, with the first episode of the first season. But it was very meehhhh. However, due to regular internet surfing, I came across various Imgur links with P&R gags on ’em.

After consistently reading about how great the show was, I was ready to try it again. The other thing, is that I also read online about how one can ignore the very short first season, start with season 2, and not miss much. Hence, I did that – and combined with a vague rememberance of the first episode, I was able to quickly figure out what was going on plot-wise. (I mean, it’s not Shakespeare – the show lays itself out for you.)

Anyhoo, now I’ve downloaded the 1st season, and am going to binge watch that at somepoint later on.

I’ll talk about some jokes I remember, but first let me give you a brief overview of the show.

Parks & Recreation is a show primarily about Leslie Knope, the deputy director of the parks department in the little town of Pawnee, Indiana. She’s joined by a cast of wacky characters; the tough but heart of gold boss, Ron Swanson; the brash but sensitive aide, Tom Haverford; the slackjawed, bored intern, April Ludgate; and many more!

There’s actually a terrific cast, and featuring a slew of awesome guest stars (including H. Jon Benjamin and Louie C.K, so far here in Season 2).

One of the best jokes so far comes when Leslie is meeting with volunteer teachers at a community center, because the budget for the center has been slashed. Leslie calls them into a meeting to discuss how each teacher can keep their class.

Leslie: “Attendance!”

Teacher: But my class is only once a week!

Leslie: “And popularity! Popularity is another way we’ll decide who gets to keep their class.”

Old Teacher: My class isn’t popular. My class is called “Coping with terminal illness.”

Leslie: (beat) Better hope the attendance is good!

I’m not even doing the joke justice. It was hysterical. There’s been so many funny moments already. And there’s 7 seasons?! Phenomenal! I am stoked – I so rarely find a new show nowadays. This means I’ll be binge-watching the show for the next couple-a days. It’s a bit of a shame, as I’ve got a big doctoral thesis to write. But whatevs… comedy is more important.


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