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A ramble about goals and enjoying the moment

Here we go with another Friday funsies!

Well, as stated yesterday, I did end up doing my workout. So… hooray for me! And today’s leg day – which isn’t terribly thrilling, since it’s the hardest of the workouts – but I will save it for last and do it! Rrragh!

Psssssshhhhh – what to write about? Not much going on – it’s the weekend, but this whole week I’ve had off, so it’s been one long weekend to me. I managed to get up early today – and that was key to my productivity. I got a good jump to the day by getting up early. So I think I will probably go back to going to bed super-early, so I can get up super-early and get going. Nothing makes me feel better about myself then spending my time being productive and working on my goals.

Well, I ‘unno about that. Sometimes working on my goals is a chore. However, I always feel good about myself when I’m done. The key to goals, is to just tell yourself you’re going to do a little bit – and then get started. More often than not, you’ll do the whole thing.

Any job is simple enough if you break it down into tiny, manageable steps. It’s hard though – because we like to focus on the end result, and when there’s a mountain in front of you, you’re thinking, “I’ll never make it to the top!” Well then, don’t worry about making it to the top! Just worry about making it a little more up the mountain – as long as you keep going, then inch by inch, you will eventually get there.

Ohhh snap – I was just thinking about how this mountain metaphor is perfect for my PhD thesis. But then I just realized I made a mistake in today’s work. Crap! That means I’ll have to go back fix things. Ahhhh, squigglebottom!

But hey – it’s Friday. TGIF! I’m seeing a girl tonight – I’ve been seeing her for a couple weeks now. I really like her, and I’m pretty confident she likes me (I mean, who wouldn’t?!) – but man… My last long term relationship was… unhealthy. So I’m working through some of my own issues. As a result, I’m having a hard trouble calibrating how I’m supposed to act. All the blogs online talk about playing it cool and taking things casual. Well… i’m not cool! I’m super intense – and I hate being in a relationship where our status isn’t nailed down in explicit details.¬†Naturally, this is not the way things work in the modern world – so I will just keep my feelings to myself and try and enjoy our time together.

That’s definitely one problem I have – enjoying the moment. For example, just hanging out with my friends and/or family, relaxing and talking. That’s fine for a little while – but after a couple hours, I’m like, “Ok. Talking is great, but goddamn I gotta go do something constructive!” I think ever since I’ve discovered goals, I realize how precious my time is – and I don’t generally want to waste it socializing when I could be doing something to help me reach my many goals.

Another example – on Sundays, I used to be able to plop myself down on the couch and watch football all day. Now, I will refrain from watching the NFL on tv – too many commercials! I’ll watch RedZone on the internet – but rest assured I will also be doing something else. (Mostly just surfing the internet.)

Anyhoo, I will do my best to enjoy my time out with this girl tonight. We’re going for tea – and then maybe some food, or we go back to her place or mine to watch a movie. Because it’s minus-fucking-30 outside and that’s perfect cozy snuggling weather.

Welp – that’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed the ramble… just typing randomly to fill up the last part of my 15 daily minutes of writing…. Any second now… Screw Flanders!


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