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A St. Paddy’s day ramble: the glossary and other stuff

Welp, got a date lined up for Saturday. Met a girl on Tinder, asked her out for coffee. Simple as that. She volunteered her number, so there’s plenty of interest there. Good.

I think before, my anxiety was that “I’ll never meet another one like her…”, whatever that means. I read in one of my self-help books, that whenever the ego feels the slightest bit of rejection, if you don’t have a healthy sense of self-esteem, then you’ll overreact, and it’ll lead to those lovesick feelings. What I’m starting to internalize is that there’s always going to be hot, single, available women. (Especially since I work on a University campus; plenty of hot, single and smart available women.) Internalizing this message makes it easier to deal with rejection, and things like that. Why get all broken up about one women when there’s a million more out there. Eventually, when I’ve developed a good sense of self, then I’ll be ready to make a deep, emotional connection with someone.

But until then, I can just enjoy the process. I can keep going on dates and getting better at dating, and in the meantime, I can focus on my other goals, and enjoy doing them without worrying too much about my love life.

For when I was going out with this previous girl, I had trouble focusing on my work, because all my anxiety was focused on her. Now that I’m learning self-validation, defining boundaries, putting my own needs first, etc… I’m back working on my goals. By focusing on myself, I can get ahead and get passed my issues. More importantly, I develop that devil may care attitude that’s so attractive to the ladies.

I think the problem with me writing about dating without giving any names makes it a bit confusing. So, in the spirit of St. Paddy’s day (I have smoked something green), I’ll give all this chicks a coldly assigned variable name.

J1: Slutty ex.

J2: Paragon of cuteness ex. Helped me discover what my issues are.

J3: One of the first chicks I went out with after J2. She’s taller than me, so I dunno about that. But she keeps texting me, so there’s some interest there on her part. I think she’s goddamn pretty, so I’ll learn more about her character for now.

Y: The last girl I had a date with. The one with whom I screwed up the kiss at the end. I haven’t heard back from her, but she said she wanted to see me again. I ‘unno. Maybe I’ll ask her out tonight…

A: The girl with whom I have a date with this Saturday.

And there we have it, the beginnings of a dating Glossary. Fun!

Anyhoo, a bit short today. I kept drifting off because of the cannabis. Happy St. Paddy’s day!


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  1. […] bit of a rough morning feelings-wise. I was feeling wistful all morning towards J2. (See Glossary.) I think it’s helpful to note that I went out last night with some friends for some Simpsons […]

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