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Love goals ramble – areas I will need to work on

Woo. The Sens are in a playoff position. Yabba dabba doo.

Anyhoo, I’ve been feeling anxiety lately, and still sorta bummed that I broke up with J2. I think this is because I ignored my need for connection for so long, that I miss that connection – and when I realized J2 and I *could* have a connection, I let my need get the better of me. I’m still gradually accepting that it’s over between me and J2 – but some days are filled with longing.

And it’s a bummer. But the good news is that I know I can change it. I can create a plan to attain my love goals, and as long as I’m following the plan, I can be happy with it’s progress.

Because that’s been a bit of a problem lately, it’s that I haven’t been feeling happy. Before I started dating, I was plenty happy. Or so I thought? This need for connection had lain dormant for some time, so maybe I was fooling myself that I was happy.

What is happiness then? Or where does it come from? I think that a deep happiness comes from working on meaningful goals. So perhaps I should lay out some love goals for myself.

I’ve listed my ultimate goal: I want a deep, mental and physical connection with a young, beautiful, virgin girl who’s dedicated to motherhood and starting a family. I mean, this is a tall order. And I think my mindset now is what can I do to improve myself, to be the type of man that my dream girl is attracted to.

(Rambly today. Took some cannabis earlier.)

Anyhoo, what kind of man would my dream girl be with? Well, he’d have to be handsome, so that she’s physically attracted to him – smart and funny, so that she’d enjoy talking with him – socially savvy, so that she could show him off to all her friends and be seen with him in public – strong, so she feels protected – and good in bed, because if you’ve saved your virginity for me, I’d better be worth it.

So that’s what I’m going to focus on, those areas. Luckily, working on goals in other ares will improve these skills. Physically attractive and strong will follow from my health goals, social savvy I can work into my fame goals, and I’m already pretty goddamn smart and funny. The last one is to be good in bed, so I guess my primary goal for love at the moment, is to continue dating and find girls to have relations with.

That may sound pretty cold, but that’s the reality of dating today.


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