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A self-indulgent lazy ramble

Self-discipline is all about doing what you know you should do, even when you don’t feel like it. Some might say especially when you don’t feel like it. And I’m feeling like I should be taking the rest of the day off… but I’m not. So away we go!

One thing I’m having trouble with when it comes to goals is focusing on my successes, and ignoring the negatives. For example, yesterday I completed about 90% of all the goals I set out to achieve – but I didn’t stick to my diet. Although I did a workout, did my math, did my piano, did my writing, etc… I was more annoyed at the fact that I went over my caloric ceiling. In truth, I still did a lot of good things yesterday, and I should be more proud of the things I did than annoyed at the few things I missed. Welp, something else to work on.

Anyhoo – what else is going on? Today was my last tutorial for this semester. I only have 2 more office hours on Tuesday and that’s it until May! It’s going to be awesome having (nearly) a whole month off to spend all day working on my thesis, and then exercising. It’ll be somewhat of a grind – but as long as I stick to my 4 pages a day, I’ll be doing alright.

Hmm… I guess not much else to report about goals. I’m happy with my monthly goals, and I’m following that path. Not much new to report.

But in other, TV related news – Game of Thrones is rapidly approaching! I’m super stoked for the new season. I’m all up to date on the books, so no worries about spoilers or anything like that. Though I did read that the show may act as spoiler to the book. Well, I would hope so – since there’s no book 6 out yet, and this season of GoT should follow the 2nd half of books 4 and 5.

Hrm… what else? I’m getting really proficient at the easy version of Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” on piano. So huzzah!

The Sens play tonight – we’re 3 points behind Boston with a game in hand, so some magic will have to happen in order for the Sens to make the playoffs. But the dream is still alive! It’d be pretty damn awesome if they made it in – I love watching playoff hockey. Because it’s the playoffs, every rush is fraught with excitement and peril – every goal is that much sweeter. However, if we do make it into the playoffs, it’s likely that we’d face the New York Rangers – who are doing pretty darn well this year, so maybe that ain’t the best. But whatever – I’ll take at least 4 games of playoff hockey, thankyouverymuch!

Urhm… Man – not much else going on. I’m feeling pretty good because school is over and it’s the weekend. I’m also somewhat sleepy, so I may have a nap! Ah, good ol’ blogging. Really tackling the tough issues!

The book I’m reading at the moment is called, “His Master’s Voice” by Stanislaw Lem. It’s pretty intriguing and it’s hard-core sci-fi. It’s written in the form of memoirs by a mathematician, who was called into work on decoding a strange message that was sent by some unknown intelligence. It’s really interesting – mostly because the message they found was written in a weird neutrino stream – and so far the book is all about what can we really know about the message when the people who sent it must have been such a more advanced civilization than ourselves. Currently, one of the scientists has just discovered how to make a super-weapon using part of the decrypted message, so the tension is starting to ramp up and we’ll see what happens next.

Anyhoo… Yeah. That’ll just about do it for today! Have a great Easter!


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