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A ramble about math and relaxing


I like this quote, because it helps me focus on work.

Yesterday afternoon, I loafed around, surfing the internet and looking at pictures on imgur. That’s such a waste of my valuable time. If I want to be achieving my goals, then I should be spending more time on activities that will help me reach my goals.

I’ve written about this before, about how if I’ve done all my goals for the day, then I should be able to relax. But then yesterday, I sorta didn’t feel like doing a workout and pissed away the afternoon, before I finally got my ass in gear and did a workout.

Today I’ve been productive so far – did my 4 pages of thesis, practiced piano. My thesis is coming along – there’s a few conditions I need to work out, but then once I do, it looks like everything will be in line for me to finish by the end of April. So I’m happy with that.

What else? It’s Easter weekend – so not much is happening. I’ve got no dates, and aside from family dinner tomorrow, no real plans. I suppose that’s ok – I can spend time by myself.

It used to be that I’d enjoy spending a weekend not doing anything – and I’d spend that time playing video games. But now, with a thesis hanging over my head, and having needs I’d like to fulfill, I can’t really enjoy wasting time like that any more. Maybe in the evenings, after 8:00 – when it’s nighttime and I’ve had a full day of working on my goals.

I guess the other thing I’m not completely happy with is relying on Tinder for dates. I feel like I should be out there practicing approaching and talking to women. But, between living with my family and living in the middle of nowhere, I think that my time is best spent working towards moving back out on my own, and getting my career established. Thus, I feel guilty when I’m not working on my thesis.

Maybe I should look for more favorable working conditions. For example – today, I’ve done my 4 new pages of writing, and the math I did was pretty solid. But then later, after I’ve done my workout, etc… I think I should go back to working on my thesis – but as it’s such a chore, I can do some “lazy math”, and have a tv show or radio show playing while I do my work. In this fashion, I’ll still be working – but I’ll be able to take in some additional entertainment.

Anyhoo, we’ll see. I’ve been researching recently things about introverts vs. extroverts, and I think the reason I’m often stressed with feelings of self-doubt, and frustration towards not achieving my goals immediately comes from being an introvert. There’s a great write-up here that almost describes me to a T. I think I should probably keep this in mind – and maybe not be so hard on myself.

I ‘unno. It’s tough. Life is tough. I’d love to just be able to relax and enjoy myself – I’m sure once I get this thesis over with, things will be a lot less stressful in my life.


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