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Ugh… this fucken’ layout.

Anyhoo, what’s going on? I switched to an evening schedule, which means I do my workout first thing in the morning. Lemme tell ya, it makes a hell of a difference. I worked out this AM, then did my math and that’s two of my main goals done for the day. The rest of the day is spent playing piano, writing, reading and chatting with girls on Tinder. Pretty soon I’ll have a class to teach every Tues/Thurs night – but until then, let the good times roll!

What else is going on – pretty slow weekend for Tinder matchups. I’m assuming it’s due to Easter weekend. I do have a date with J3 on Wednesday, so I got that going for me – but no other dates lined up as of yet. I am talking with a girl who’ll I’ll probably go out with – but she’s a nurse, so we’ll see if her schedule syncs with mine. If I do go out with her, she’ll be given a codename of J4 – man, lots of girls have names that begin with J.

What else? I finished “His Master’s Voice” over the weekend, and now I’m working on “100 Years of Solitude.” I’ve read two chapters so far – and it’s sorta fun to read, in a flowery language, sort of way. Actually, I think flowery language is a bit too insulting. Let’s just say the book has a lyrical quality – it’s funny, once I started reading it, I almost immediately accepted the hazy drowse of the village it describes. But I’m paying attention because certain things appear to be magic. I’m not sure of the genre – it might be hysterical realism or magical realism. The writing reminds me, so far, of Midnight’s Children – in the quality and style of writing. Well, I shouldn’t say style – because it is oddly different. Anyhoo, I’m really digging it so far.

What else? My thesis is coming along – I’ve got my general results now dependent on the size of my prime power modulus. I would like to eliminate these restrictions, but we’ll see if I can. It might only work for small dimensional quadratic forms.

But – since no one’s reading this for math – let’s move on. How am I doing with J2? Coming along – I’m still missing her from time to time, and still having “get back together” fantasies from time to time… I ‘unno how long this will last. Probably until I meet a high quality woman with whom I can see a future. Only this time I’ll be aware of coming off too needy and desperate. Plus, I plan on dating multiple women until someone brings up an exclusivity discussion. I think, in this manner, I will safeguard my feelings, and prevent myself from over investing too early again.

Anything else? Ooh – I started watching “The Walking Dead.” It’s horrible in a fascinating way. I like some of the characters, but a LOT of them behave in what I call “stupid-for-the-plot” reasons. I’m only mid way through Season 2 – but a lot of people spend time talking about their feelings, even though it’s a post-apocalyptic zombie nightmare. Not to mention, a lot of characters are behaving counter-intuitively to the situation. Luckily, I only need to half pay attention to what’s going on – since not much tends to happen every episode. Anyhoo, my brother and his wife are super-into this show, and so I’ll get up to date pretty quick – but so far, it’s a show I think I will love hating.

Uhhh… That’s about all that’s going on with me at the moment. I’ve been feeling really good today – no doubt encouraged by the morning workout and subsequent endorphins. Usually I feel sorta blue and/or bummed when I get up and get to work – but not today. I really think a morning workout is key to my mental health – keeps me positive and feeling good.

And there’s-a-15-a! Mamma mia!


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