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Monday’s ramble: Sens, dating, goals and compromises

Back to work Monday – that’s what I call it.

This weekend was a bit of a waste. I had a family party on Saturday, and I was tired going into it, and so drank more beer than necessary in order to be able to socialize. And lemme tell ya, I was paying for it on Sunday. Consequently, I didn’t get much done over the weekend.

Anyhoo, I went to bed super early last night, got a hella-sleep under my belt, and I’m doing well today. I had a great workout, did a bunch of math, did my piano, now I’m doing my writing. I’ll do my reading and meditation after this, then finish up with some yoga and then the first episode of Season 5 of Game of Thrones!!!

Yeah – I was in no condition to watch the episode last night. I was asleep by 9:00pm anyway. So tomorrow is undoubtedly going to be a recap about the first episode of GoT.

Anyhoo – what else is going on? I’ve got a date on Tuesday – so I’m 1/5th of the way towards achieving my love goals for the month. Actually, I probably shouldn’t do that – count my chickens before they hatch. Let’s say instead that it looks promising that I will get started on my Love goals by the end of day, Tuesday.

What else – J3 is acting a little strange. She’s big into BDSM, and apparently takes it very seriously. I had hoped to spend the weekend with her – alone and naked most of the time – but she’s wanting to “talk” with me about something first. And when women want to “talk” about something, it’s rarely ever good. Luckily, because I have been good about not over-investing my feelings too early, if we’re not compatible because of this BDSM thing, then I’ll accept it. Of course, it’s a bummer, because she’s a pretty redhead, and I’ve had fun hanging out with her – but that’s the way these things go sometime.

I suppose I’m in a more contemplative mood because I’ve been reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. So far, he’s very big on making the best use of your time throughout the day – live in the moment, live like every breath is your last, throw yourself into your tasks – that sort of thing. I can appreciate that type of mindset – especially when it comes to goals. Ever since I’ve made some goals for myself, I find I can’t enjoy relaxing or taking time off. When there’s goals to work on, I feel like I should be working on them – but it’s usually somewhat difficult, as not working on them is so much easier. Procrastinating is very easy when there’s the internet in front of you. But today I’ve been pretty good about focusing 100% on the task in front of me, and not worrying about other stuff. (Well, I was preoccupied with J3 for a bit, but then I did my workout, and I was able to focus afterwards.)

What else is going on? Oh that’s right, the Ottawa Senators have made the playoffs! Woo! I’m pretty goddamn stoked about there being playoff hockey back in Ottawa again. Especially since earlier blog posts were all about how I’ve accepted that this team wasn’t going to make the playoffs, etc… But now they have! And better yet, we’re playing Montreal! Man O’ man, this is gonna be a hell of a series! First game is Wednesday night.

This presents to me a bit of a problem – since my fame goals for the month involve going to Yuk Yuk’s every Wednesday to check out amateur night. Last week, amateur night ran from 8:30 to 10:30 – which means if I do go to Yuk Yuk’s, I’ll only be able to see the first 1.5 periods of the game. It’s a tough decision at the moment – one other possibility is that I could go to Yuk Yuk’s on Tuesday, which is also an amateur night. But I can’t do that this week, because I’ve got a date at 7:00 – actually, maybe I could. Go on my date for an hour then book it to Yuk Yuk’s? We’ll see.

What a wonderful time of year it is – there’s playoff hockey, I’m having fun dating, I’m in the glorious in-between-semester period at school, and on top of all that, it’s 22 degrees outside. Yessir, everything’s coming up Milhouse!


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