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A bleah ramble about feeling tiredly bleah

Having a tough time gettin’ ‘er goin’ today.

It’s a bummer when I wake up after (what I thought was) a nice sleep, and I’m bone tired. Listless. Draggin’ my bones around the room.

I don’t understand it – I assume it’s probably a side effect of the pills I’m on, but it’s still a bummer. Maybe I need to drink more coffee or something, I ‘unno.

Anyhoo – it’s always a tough day when I get this tired. I’ve managed to do a little bit of math and some piano, so it’s not all bad – and I’m doing my writing, and I’ll do my reading – but I doubt very highly I’ll do a workout. Still somewhat a productive day, but it doesn’t really feel like it.

I think the reason it doesn’t feel productive, is because I don’t have a whole lot of energy. I like it much better when I’m able to get up and get going. And it hasn’t been that way today – I’ve been sluggishly making my way through my chores, feeling all bleah. Luckily, I was able to reschedule my date tonight to Thursday – so, that’s good.

I had my little talk with J3 last night. She seems to be pretty big into BDSM – well, no such much the sadism/masochism, from what I understand, but domination/submission. Which is good, because I’m into that stuff as well. But I think that’s best expressed when there’s a certain level of trust established, which can only happen over time. Which is what I’ll tell her when I speak with her tonight. I certainly don’t want to commit to anything right now until I know more about her character. That was certainly a mistake I made with J2 which I don’t want to make again.

Man – I been drifting off this whole post. Feelin’ pretty tired and uninspired. Just one of those bleah days, I suppose. I’ma see if I can go to bed early again – but get up early, and drink more coffee. We’ll see how well that will work for me.

Oh – and I watched Game of Thrones season premiere last night. It was pretty much the exact opening of Book 5, so there was nothing terribly revelatory for me. But it was still awesome, because we’ve got GoT back!


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