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GoT Season 5 episode 1 quick recap – but first, a little ramble about my stuff

Playoff hockey baby! Woo! The mighty Ottawa Senators play game 1 of the eastern conference quarter-finals tonight against the Montreal Canadiens. We didn’t get playoff hockey last year, so I’m gonna make the most of it this year! Woo!

Anyhoo – much more energy today. Instead of trying to get right into action, I started slow, made sure I took my time, drank a bunch of coffee, and generally had a relaxed morning. I like the idea of getting up and getting going – but a slow start is fine too. I got my math done, did my workout, done my piano and I’m well on my way to getting all my goals accomplished tonight before the game. So things are looking good.

On the dating front, J3 and I seem to be on the same page about things, so that’s good. I still want to take things slow – but we’ll spend Saturday night together, alone… and naked for most of that time. So that’ll be fun. One thing concerns me so far is that I’ve been paying for everything – well, we’ve only been out twice, so we’ll see how things go. But generally it’s a red flag to me if the girl doesn’t feel the need to pay her share. Again, this is early days so nothing major yet – but I’m proud of myself for paying attention this time to red flags, rather than trying to put her immediately in the ‘girlfriend’ category. Also, I’ve got a date tomorrow – so I’d say I’m doing better with J3 than I did with J2, in terms of managing feelings and anxiety and all that. Funnily enough, the girl I’m going with tomorrow will get the codename of J4. I gotta say it, girls who have names with letters that start with “J” absolutely love me.

And I don’t blame them – I’m smart, funny, sexy and OH so adorable.

Anyhoo – on to more important matters. Like last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones. I’ll try and recall what happened, but not in chronological order. It’s basically the first 3 or 4 chapters of Book 5 – and clearly there’s massive spoilers.

  • Tyrion was smuggled across the narrow sea by Varys (AKA: The spider). The Imp is feeling pretty low, what with having killed his father and (what he thought was) his girlfriend. However, Varys convinces Tyrion to seek renewed purpose in supporting Daenerys in her quest to be Queen.
  • Daenerys, on the other hand, is losing control of Mereen. She faces an insurgency (or similar) from a clandestine group called The Sons of the Harpy. Currently, Daenerys is struggling with the decision to open the fighting pits, in order to gain favour with the people of Mereen. Also, she’s taken Daario Naharis as a lover – so all the ladies watching the show get to see his naked ass paraded around.
  • In Westeros, Sansa is learning spycraft from Littlefinger. Not much happening there, other than Peter Baelish trying to promote Robert of Arryn as the Lord of the Vale or something. I can never suss out Littlefinger’s plans, but I’m almost certain he’s trying to kill off Robert so he can sire an heir.
  • At the wall, Jon Snow isn’t Lord Commander… yet. It has the air of inevitability about it when Stannis asks Jon Snow what to do about Mance Rayder. In the end, Mance Rayder is burned alive for refusing to kneel to Stannis – and in a display of mercy, Jon Snow shoots him with an arrow in order to end his pain.
  • Finally, with Tywin Lannister dead, Cersei looks to be in control of the realm. However, she’s losing control of her son Tommen, as he’s being won over by the be-smirked Margaery Tyrell. Cersei didn’t make any governmental decisions while her father was being buried, but she’s haunted by a prediction given to her when she was very young, which foretold that all of her children would die before her.

And that’s about it. Super stoked for the Sens tonight! And for the upcoming episodes of GoT! The sun is shining, is nice and warm out – what a wonderful time of year!


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