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A meandering ramble about patience and feeling good

Ah, bloggity bloggity blog. That’s how I start when I don’t know what to write about.

Just another day. I seem to be doing better at developing patience – I got up this morning, started going about my goals, and I haven’t really stopped since then. I can appreciate that all my goals will take a long time to accomplish, and the best thing I can do is wring the most out of this wet towel of a day. Eventually, down the line, I will achieve all my goals – as long as I put in the work everyday.

I’m doing well with my workouts. Had another killer workout today – even though I was super sore and tired and easily could’ve skipped it. My thesis is coming along – it looks likely that I’ll get a rough draft done by may 1st. Maybe some of the “number of solutions” stuff might need to be scaled back, but that’s ok. I think my thesis will lead me to a post-doc position, as there’s a bunch more research I could be doing related to my main idea.

Piano is coming along – I’ve got a beginner piano book called “Alfred’s Basic Piano – Volume 1” and I can play just about every song in that book really well. I’ll be looking to get volume 2 soon – and I’d be willing to pay actual money to get it. This book has served me very well – I’d say I’m very proficient at the C, F & G major scales, as well as the standard blues chord progression in those scales. Right now, I’m working on the associated minor scales for C & F major – that is, A and D minor. I’m very happy with how things are going. In a few months when I’m out on my own, I’d seriously consider getting lessons. But I’ve done so well with this book, it’s tough to say. In any case, I’m super happy with how things are going – I love playing music and learning the piano is really fun now!

Writing is going ok – this blog is my primay writing outlet. I feel like my blog posts are better when I’ve got issues to work through – as I can write out my thoughts and gradually make sense of them. But are there issues I’ve got? I’m sure there are – I’ve got a need for an emotional and physical connection with someone special, and I’m working towards it. But right now, I’m just concentrating on looking after myself and not looking too far down the road. I’ll see J3 again on the weekend – and though I doubt we have serious long term potential, in the meantime, I can learn to relax and just enjoy her company for what it is. I’d say that’s my biggest issue with dating right now – it’s learning to develop patience in dating, learning how to enjoy the moment and not look too far ahead.

I suppose the other thing I should be focusing on is going on dates. I did set a goal for the month of april to go out on 5 dates – not too sure the dates with J3 count – so that goal looks tough to meet at this point. I think my problem is that I’m lazy when it comes to socializing. Well, maybe not lazy – but socializing takes a lot out of me. I’d much rather stay home and watch tv or play video games – at least, that’s my attitude when I’m dating someone. If it ends tomorrow with J3, then I’d probably go back to Tinder and hustling up some dates. But as it stands right now, I’m cool with how things are.

I think that means I’m doing well on my issues. I think I’ve internalized self-validation to some extent – in that I’m not particularly disturbed if I’m not seeing someone. Well, maybe I should say that when I’m not seeing anyone, and we’ll see how I feel. But today, I’m feeling pretty good about things. My thesis will get done, I’ll lose the weight I want to lose, I’ll get better at dating and meeting women, and I’ll learn how to play the piano.

I suppose one thing I could be doing better is being positive. I get too caught up with long-term problems and forget to focus on the short-term, i.e., what I could be doing today. But I’m wondering if this is stress caused by my pills – or my cognitive biases leads to this stress, which is magnified by the pills. Ah well…

Anyhoo, Ep 2 of GoT was last night. It wasn’t spectacular, but it did set up every story for the upcoming season. I’ll probably do a recap of that tomorrow. Happy Tuesday!


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