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A ramble about my great workout then a GoT recap

Welp, it’s do or die time tonight for the Sens. We’re having a big to-do in front of the big screen tonight with myself, my brothers, my dad and one of his friends (who’s pretty chill for an old dude.) Having pizza and beer – not gonna hit my calorie goals today!

Which is too bad – because I had a great workout. I switched up my program so that I alternate Squats and Deads every M/W/F – and today was deadlifts! They’re probably my favorite lift – and my form for deads is becoming damn near perfect. There’s nothing like a great workout to make you feel good! I was so happy with my form for my lifts today – those endorphins are just flowing through me. Good feelings!

I’m doing better at relaxing – my schedule now is get up at 8:00 to take my pills, then go right back to bed. I have trouble falling asleep, so I’ll lie in my comfy, comfy bed until my body decides I’m no longer tired. This sees me waking up around 9:30 – 10:00, but that’s ok. I grab a fresh cup of coffee, do my goals, and then get right to work on math. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a workout first – but as math is my most important goal at the moment, I’ll do it first. Plus, as soon as I’m done math for the day, I get to go workout. In two weeks, I’ll be teaching every Tues/Thurs evening – which will be a bit of a drag – but for now, my evenings are to myself, and that’s the way I like it.

I think, when it comes to dating, once I’ve found a girl I like hanging out with, I lose all incentive for dating. I must say, I like being along most of the time. So seeing a girl once a week suits me just fine. If J3 goes out of town or something, I might look for a date on Tinder – but for now, I’m satisfied with seeing J3 once a week. I realize this puts me at a disadvantage, as I’m not meeting other girls – but dating is all about patience, so I’ll keep on keepin’ on and we’ll see where it gets me.

Anyhoo – some of my monthly goals are on track – I’ll almost certainly finish my thesis in rough by May 1st, I’ll likely be down 0.5% body fat by then, and I’ve saved $250 already. However, going to amateur night 4 times and having 5 new dates is right out the window. The trouble with amateur night 4 times is that if I miss once, then I can’t achieve my goal. I think I might be able to go again next week – so at least I’ll get halfway to my goal. And as long as I’m aiming towards a goal, I’ll get stuff accomplished. As for 5 new dates – well, I might have to re-evaluate my monthly love goals. But whatevs…

Anyhoo – let’s get to the GoT recap, shall we. I’ll try and list what happened to all the characters as much as I can  – this episode (episode 2) is all about getting everyone’s story on the go.

  • Tyrion and Varys are traveling to Mereen. They have a long-winded discussion about their purposes while they are traveling – and Varys is slowly pulling back Tyrion from despair in order to give him a cause to fight for.
  • Brienne and Pod run into Sansa and Petyr in a pub. Brienne offers Sansa her sword, but Sansa turns her down, showing allegiance to Petyr. In a fit, Brienne causes a ruckus and slays some of Petyr’s guards. Brienne and Pod vow to follow Sansa to make sure she’s not being taken advantage of by Littlefinger.
  • Cersei tries to seize control of the small council – she promotes Papa Tyrell to master of coin, kicks out maester whatshis face for Qyburn (the creepy necromancer, for lack of a better word.) Cersei offers hand of the king to Kevin Lannister, Tywin’s brother – but he declines, as he can easily sniff out what Cersei’s up to. Kevin rides back to Casterly Rock to sulk.
  • Meanwhile, in Dorne, we’re introduced to Oberyn’s brother – can’t remember his name – but he and Oberyn’s girlfriend and arguing about how best to avenge Oberyn’s death. (We’ll see more of the Dornish later – after all, they’ve got Cercei’s daughter.)
  • Arya and her magic coin get taken to the mysterious house with a half-black and half-white door. (Called the house of black and white.) After being refused entrance, she wiles away her time in a waterfront of Braavos – as she’s accosted by toughs, and looks to kill them with needle, the mysterious man from the house of black and white comes and takes her inside. The man later reveals himself to be J’aqen Hagar, the one who gave Arya the “Valar Morghulis” coin to begin with. It ends with Arya going inside the house. [Ed: I’m super stoked for Arya’s story!]
  • Finally, Daenerys is having trouble ruling Mereen. One of the freed slaves kills a master in revenge, and Daenerys has him executed to uphold her new laws. This results in a riot between the old masters and the freed slaves. Not going so well for Daenerys – but at the very end of the show, the lost dragon Drogon shows up!
  • Oh right – at the wall, Jon Snow is elected commander of the Night’s Watch. (As if there was any doubt.)

And that’s about it. All the stories are getting set up – we’ll see what Jon Snow does to handle Stannis’ demands and the red woman. Sunday is only a few days away!


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