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a ramble about pushing through the bleahs

The Sens won yesterday! A tight 1-0 win over the hated Montreal Canadiens. Next game on Friday. Gonna be great!

Meanwhile, I had two beer yesterday – along with a bunch of pizza and junk food – and man am I feeling it today. Plus, I stayed up late looking at stuff on the internet, so I’m amazed I’ve been able to day anything today. I guess that’s what self-discipline is – doing the stuff you know you should do, whether you feel like it or not. And I definitely do *NOT* feel like doing stuff today. Oh well – getting ‘er done. I’ll feel good about myself at the end of the day.

Anyhoo – writer’s blocked again. Can’t think of anything to write about – so I’ll write about me, that’s fascinating. I’ve done math and piano so far today, doing my writing now and reading afterwards. If I’m really good, I’ll go do a workout – I doubt very highly I’ll lift, but if I could even do 30 minutes of cardio, that’d be something. Then I’d have done some good things today towards all my goals, and that’d be pretty damn good for what I thought was gonna be a waste of a day.

I think that’s what happens – the more I work on my goals, the more reluctant I am to take a day off. When I’m wasting time in the morning, I don’t feel great later – because I know that time was wasted, and it could’ve been put to much more productive use.

That was the worst thing I did this morning. I got up at 8:00 in order to take my pills – and then I decided to do my goals, visualization and meditation before I went back to finish my sleep. All that should take about 45 minutes – but I wasted a good 30 minutes surfing the net. That was a poor decision I made when tired – as a result, I didn’t get back to sleep right away, and I woke up after my nap still groggy. Just a bleah way to start the day.

If I’m to achieve my health goals, I’ve got to learn how to say no to all the temptations that everyone else is indulging in – last night, for example, was beer and pizza. If I had had only one beer and one slice of pizza, that would’ve been better. But I had 3 slices of pizza, a couple beer, a bunch of chips and candy… stayed up late. Gleahhhaaah!!!

Oh well – live and learn, keep moving forward. Gonna get my reading done, do my cardio, shave and get all cleaned up, then go to bed early. That’s the best thing one can do after a bleah day – get cleaned up (very important) and go to bed early.

There’s something about cleaning that makes you feel better – whether it’s getting yourself clean, or cleaning up the space you live in. You just feel better afterwards – for one, you look better (which will make you feel better.) And if you clean up your space, then you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something, which is also good.

Plus, going to bed early – if you can force yourself to do it – is also really good. A great day starts with a good night’s sleep.

My problem is I don’t like going to bed early – especially in the summer – I like staying up late in the cool of the night, having time to myself, smoking weed and reading conspiracies on the internet. But if I want to achieve my goals, I must make the necessary sacrifices.

*long sigh* Meh. I’m sure I’ve said stuff like this before – but it takes a long time to internalize these messages and ideas. Just gotta keep working at it, everyday.

Welp – that’s close enough to 15 minutes. Big game tomorrow!


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