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Game of Thrones recap; Season 5, episode 3

Well, I look to be in line to meet a majority of my April goals. I’ll hit my Health, and Fortune goals – get about 90% of that Math goal done – but not so well for Love and Fame. For love, I had plenty of dates, but they were all with J3 – so I’ll have to tailor those goals for May to better reflect my reticence towards dating more than one person at a time. For Fame, I did go to amateur night once – so I only met about 25% of my goal, but that’s still better than nothing. In fact, it’s infinitely better. So, all in all, a pretty good April. I feel better about my goals knowing I had targets to aim for, and in general I feel like I had a productive month. Now onto the May flowers!

Now then – what to write about. My weekdays are pretty routine nowadays – get up, do my goals, do math, do my workout, do piano, do my writing and reading, then do a bit more math until about 8 or 9 at which point it’s time to relax. So I don’t really want to ramble about all the stuff I’ve rambled about already. Ooh, I know – I can do a Game of Thrones recap.

Episode 3 recap – bullet point style, in no particular order.

  • In King’s Landing, a fanatical religious order calling themselves “The Sparrows” have seen fit to judge all the wicked sinners in town. This includes the high priest of the town, who’s shamed after he’s been caught visiting a brothel. Cersei goes and seeks out the leader of the Sparrows (played by Jonathan Pryce!) in order to find out what he wants. A bit of a stalemate ensues, and there’s more to be seen from this encounter.
  • In the house of Black and White, Arya isn’t doing much more besides sweeping the floor, and not really knowing why she’s there. She sees a guy come into the temple only to drink from a cup given to him by J’aqen Hagar, and then die. In order to become a faceless man, Arya must give up all her worldly possessions. She goes down to the docks and dumps everything in the water, except for Needle, which she stores under some rocks. Gradually, she learns more about this weird place, and helps a girl in the temple prepare bodies for burial.
  • Meanwhile, at Moat Cailin, Littlefinger promises Sansa’s hand in marriage to Ramsey Bolton. It would appear that Ramsey Bolton and Petyr Baelish have made an alliance against the Lannisters – although it’s an uneasy alliance, as neither man trusts the other. Sansa, for her part, is doing her best to play the dutiful wife – but in the back of her mind she knows that Roose Bolton killed her brother at the red wedding, so I’m sure she’s got some vengeful plans of her own. (It’s interesting to note that Roose Bolton has several daughters, but only one son… and the death of an heir would make for some damn good vengeance. Not sure if that’s what happens… but just saying.)
  • Brienne and Pod are skulking around outside Moat Cailin. And inside Moat Cailin is Theon – he definitely remembers Sansa, and from his brief episode of acting as Theon in order to win the castle, it’s likely that he and Sansa will cross paths eventually.
  • At the wall, Jon Snow has been elected Lord Commander, and is looking to assert his authority. Janos Slynt, the coward that hid with Gilly during the fight with the wildlings, defiantly disobeys an order given by Snow. Jon gives Janos a chance to follow the order, but Janos remains defiant. With a sad look on his face (the usual Jon Snow look), Snow takes Slynt out into the courtyard and executes him. The man who passes the sentence swings the sword.
  • Finally, Tyrion and Varys take a break from travelling cross country to stretch their legs in a local town. While there, Tyrion gets capture by Jorah “Friendzone” Mormont. Surely this will win the Queen’s heart! Eh Jorah?

And that’s about all I remember. Gonna be a hell of an episode come Sunday!


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