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The Monday J3 ramble

Oh man – I was washing my face with this new beard softener for the past week, because I wanted my face to be kissably smooth for J3. But it turns out, I’m allergic to one of the ingredients – so I had to shave off my beard, and now my face looks pretty chewed up. It looks like Ray Liotta’s face will look 20 years from now, if Ray starts smoking meth today. That’s how bad it is. Guh. I’m hoping it will clear up by Friday – I’ve got a date with J3.

Again, when it comes to J3, I need to keep reminding myself to stay in the present. When I’m with her, I enjoy myself and have fun – but when I’m apart from her, I have a tendency to look far into the future and see if there’s a place for her. This is a bad way to be – especially for me – because if I don’t see a future with her, I’ll get anxious. But as I decided last week, I enjoy hanging out with her, and as long as I’m happy when I’m with her, and I can manage not to get ahead of myself, then I can just relax and enjoy her company. We’re not married. We’re not in an exclusive relationship. We’re just dating casually – and if I can remember to keep myself from becoming too anxious about the future, then that’s probably the best way to be.

Meanwhile, I had a date with J3 this past weekend. On Friday, we went out for dinner (which she bought) and then to a comedy show. Subsequently, we went back to her place where I stayed the night. Her aunt (whom she lives with) had to leave for work early Saturday morning, so J3 and I basically had a super-lazy morning in bed, cuddling, nuzzling, teasing, snuggling and plenty of sex. It was good.

Another suprise – out of the blue, J3 got me a little gift! She gave me a book on meditating (something which we’ve been talking about). I was pretty surprised by that – but I guess it shows that she’s attracted to me, and wants to demonstrate that by a thoughtful gift. So, big point for J3 there. However, J3 did have a cold over the weekend – and now it would appear that I’ve got it too. So bleah to that.

Anyhoo – I’ve got a date with J3 again on Friday. We’re going to some BDSM presentation type thing which is being held at a swinger’s club. I’m not too sure what to expect – and given that J3 and I aren’t exclusive, I’m not too sure how she’s going to act. I think I’ll set a ground rule of no playing with other people – what she does in her own time is her own business, but we’re going as a couple, and we’re there together as a couple. No need to introduce any notions of jealousy at such a thing, I’d think. But then again, J3 is bisexual – so maybe she can play with another woman? I ‘unno… I’m pretty sure a ground rule of no playing with anyone else, man or woman, is a good idea. Even though we’re not exclusive, it’s probably a good rule to obey this time.

Wow – look at me ramble on about J3. I’ll say this about J3, despite being a bit heavy in areas, she’s a lot sexier than J2 ever was. And I may have given the impression that all we ever do is have sex – not really. We waited 3 dates before having sex, and we spend a lot of time out and about. But there’s something about her smile and her eyes that has me captivated. Or maybe it’s the fact that she’s into goals in general. Or some hodge-podge of all the above. Whatever it is, I’m glad I didn’t break up with her last week. But still, I’ll do my damndest not to look too far ahead and stay in the moment, less my neediness issues rear their ugly head.

What else? My first class is tomorrow. I’m teaching 1st year calculus to a bunch of Engineers. I’ve barely begun my notes – but I’m pretty confident. Calculus is something I’m really good at – and 1st year calculus should be a breeze. Unfortunately, the book we’re using isn’t very good. As a summer prof, I’ve got no say in what book I can choose – so we have to go with a book written by a faculty member. Course textbooks, what a scam.

Whoop – that’s 15 minutes. I guess time flies when I’m rambling about redheads.


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