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A weedy Monday ramble about goals

One thing I like about Mondays is that it’s a day to start fresh. From a goals perspective, there’s nothing like going to bed early on Sunday night after having done your goals for the week – then getting up Monday morning and getting going! I’m rather pleased with myself today – because last night I didn’t sleep well at all thanks to honey bunches. But still, I got up when my alarm went off, didn’t hit snooze, and went right to work with math. Didn’t browse the internet or anything – just nothing but working on goals from the word go.

Managed to write my test for my class, do 3 notes for tomorrow’s class, do a killer workout, do my piano and a bunch of other little goals, all without surfing the net every 5 minutes looking for a distraction. I think that’s going to be the next habit I instill. It’s one thing to get tasks done – it’s another thing to get a task done while browsing the internet. The latter always takes longer.

Instead, I do what I call “head down” work – that means no checking your phone, no surfing the web, no texting, no e-mail, no tv – nothing, but focused and working on my task. I allow music though, because if you’re going to work, you may as well enjoy yourself. (If I have music on that I’m focusing on more than the task, I’ll change the music.)

So the “head down” habit I want to instill. I want to get in the habit of doing my task without looking for a distraction, and doing this task until I am 100% done.

That’s the other thing. It’s easy to do a task until it’s about 95% done. But doing it to 100% done is actually quite hard, because the temptation is so great to just quit at 95%.

So the other habit I want to instill is the habit of finishing tasks 100%.

I figure if I can instill these two habits in myself, then my goals life will start to get even better.

Anyhoo, I helped my brother move this weekend, so it hasn’t been the greatest week for dieting. But surprisingly, when I weighed in this morning, I registered at 14.4% bodyfat. I think that likely means I’m retaining water or something, because water wouldn’t register as fat… Maybe. I ‘unno.

In any case, I did get in 4 workouts last week – plus helping my brother move. So I’m doing well when it comes to exercising. I think now if I can simply eat at a caloric deficit on a consistent basis, then I’ll start dropping that body fat percentage. I figure if for 6 days out of 7 I kept a caloric ceiling of 2000 calories, then it doesn’t matter what I eat – because I’m moving enough to burn close to 2500 calories a day or more, so it’d be just a matter of time after that.

What else? The rents are away for two weeks – so any day where I’m not teaching class, I’m going to smoke once I’m done all my math and workout for the day. Plus, it’s like 30 degrees outside – talk about hot. So yeah – it’s been a nice, cannabis-y ramble up to now.

I do love cannabis. After I smoke, I always have a tendency to think about goals. It’s a great introspective drug, I find.

And finally, the other habit I should instill is that I should focus more on my past successes to maintain an air of positivity. I was feeling bummed before I did my workout because I ate so poorly over the weekend. But I did workout 5 times last week, so that’s something. I have a tendency to be hard on myself, I think. And maybe I should ease up a little, relax, and just keeping working on my goals.

That’s definitely the cannabis talking.


May 18, 2015 - Posted by | cannabis, diet, exercise, fitness, fitness goals, goals, ramble, self-discipline, weed

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