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A ramble about the thesis

Well, I was pretty slackadaisical yesterday with my writing. Tell you the truth, after my workout I spent the rest of the day working on my thesis. I think that’s probably what’s gonna happen on MWF from now on. Get up – do my notes for class, exercise, then spend the rest of the day working on my thesis. Lemme tell ya – a thesis is a very time-consuming thing. Especially a math one – my thesis is about 140 pages at the moment, and I’m in the process of going through each page, cleaning up the language, making sure things make sense, adding in explanation wherever necessary, adding sources… Guh. It takes a long time. But it’s the one huge obstacle I have to overcome before I can get my PhD, get a good job, and move outta my  parents house, so that’ll be my main focus for the next little while.

My secondary focus is exercise. My diet has been on point for the past couple days, and I’m committed to staying below 2000 calories every day. One habit I picked up is having a fruit & vegetable smoothie at the end of the day. I make my smoothie with coconut water, and then a bunch of green vegetables and fruit. It tastes… y’know, vegetable-y. But it’s a great way to get  a lot of vitamins, plus it’s a good meal to have at the end of the day. I start my day with a protein shake with vegetable powder, and I end it with more fruits and vegetables. I’m sure that’s probably good for me. And I have two meals in between – oatmeal and peanut butter, and eggs and sausage. In between the eggs and sausage and my protein shake, I get close to 75g of protein a day – which is my limit as protein is hard on the kidney.

Anyhoo, there’s not much else going on. Tonight I’m teaching my class – and it’s going ok so far. But man, it sure seems like a lot of those kids are bored during class. I don’t get it! Math is exciting! Maybe I feel this way because I’m a mathematician.

What else? Well – I guess I never actually wrote down my 5 week goals like I said I was going to. I think I might make me some June goals – as I think I did well in April when I had 5 specific targets to shoot for. And June is right around the corner, so that seems like a logical progression. Ok, that’s the plan!

Umm… Yeah. Not too much else going on. My main focuses day to day are getting my exercise in, then spending the rest of the day working on math. And in the evenings, I hit the bong in order to make the tediousness of writing a thesis more tolerable.

I’m hoping that by the end of the summer, I’ll be done my thesis. It really takes a lot longer than I was expecting – plus I was dilly-dallying a bit at the beginning of May – getting adjusted to my new class and whatnot. But now it’s all math all the time. Gotta couple months of hard, tedious work and then I’ll get my friggin PhD. Like in goals, I have to resist the temptation to quit at 95% done – and instead worry about finishing strong. Plowing through this thesis, defending the sucker, and then living the easy life of a professor.

Well, we’ll see how long it takes me to become a prof. There’s always the option of going to work for the government. But, having worked in an office, I’d much rather take a low salary in exchange for loads of free time. The odds of me working a 9-5 office job are pretty goddamn slim at this point.

Anyhoo – that’s a tight 15. Maybe another ramble tomorrow – maybe the next one is on Tuesday. We’ll see!


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A mighty ramble at the end of a stupid long day

What a bitch-ass-hornswoggle-crap-spackle-gut-bust-fish-fuck of a day. That’s right, fish fuck.

Man – my hectic academic schedule of one work day a week may have one big drawback. I am just ca-RAAA-zay busy all day. 

I was at school today for about 9:15ish, then the day went as follows: meeting with prof, meeting with other prof, get a coffee, give a lecture, meeting with student, meeting with earlier prof, meeting with yet a different prof, prep for class, TA class, meeting with another student. That took until about 3:45. Brutal – no time to eat or nothing. Just go go go!

Lemme tell ya, I sympathize with absolutely every schmoe that has to work in an office. You’re there at 9:00 in the morning, then either your day is busy – in which case it goes fast, the boring level is low but the stress level is high! – or your day is boring, in which case the day goes by slooooow, so the stress level is low, but the boring meter is HIGH!

Both my brothers have the luxury of working at union jobs – so they (while not technically allowed by the strictest definition of the law) are allowed to smoke weed on the job. Although that must be glorious, it must making being at work a drag. If I smoke a doober, the last thing I want to have to do is serious work that people depend on. I’d rather burn one down and play some video games. (Or do high-level theoretical mathematics.)

Anyhoo – had a date last night. This date was arranged online. And the chick turned out to be a lot fatter than her profile pictures. Bummerama. (Although I didn’t exactly play the male gender role of a strong, masculine leader, so I guess we were both disappointments to one another.)

Christ – there’s these yahoo kids outside lighting off firecrackers and yelling and generally being cunts. ‘Course, they’re the diplomats kids, so there’s very little discipline in their future for being such cunts. If they ever wind up impaled on some sort of gardening utensil, then the cops will trace this post back to me… which would be wise of them, ’cause I swear to ever-loving-Allah-on-crutches that I will murder each and everyone of those snot-nosed punks.

Well, maybe not… maybe I should just puff a dooberooni and mellow out.

Today is a ramble with no rhyme or reason. When it comes to winter, it’s my favorite season. If there’s one thing I like on crackers, it’s lots of cheezin. Someone shut the door, this room is freezin!

I don’t see why people say rap is so hard. Rap is easy, good rap is hard.

I tell ya who else I like is that Leo Sayer. (If you know which Simpsons episode that is from instinctively, then maybe you can possibly best me at a game of Simpsons trivia. But you can’t, ’cause that was an easy one…)

Welp, the mighty Patriots play the horrible New York Jets tonight in what promises to be a real crotch-punching for that rookie QB Geno Smith. (Psst, hey, lemme ask you a question. If someone were called Geno, wouldn’t you instinctively think they were some swarthy Italian? Me too… But apparently he ain’t.)

PS: It was the one where Barney became sober and learned how to fly a helicopter

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Ramble about school and Preston Manning’s TD’s

Oooh, look at that sexy new sub heading. I figured it was time to change it. There’s a couple reasons. 1) There’s no way to give me money through this site. 2) People shouldn’t be giving me money for 15 minutes of “off-the-top-of-my-head” brain scratchings. (Well, *I* certainly think they should, but realistically, no one’s going to.)

So there we have it – new subheading, referencing the fact that I write on my blog for 15 minutes every day. (Mostly everyday, I skip some here and there…But as we can see from the archives I’ve been pretty consistent for July and August.)

Anyhoo, it’s Friday – another long work week over, time to relax and stuff. Of course, that’s most people – me, I’m a grad student. So I don’t exactly have a work week until school starts. And school officially starts on Monday – but not for me, I think school doesn’t start until the 3rd week of September, because I’ve only got TA duties this semester.

Oh man, let me tell you about how awesome this semester is going to be! I’ve got 2 classes to TA; two 3rd year classes about basic group theory. Should be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy-nice-n-breezy-Japaneesy-Little Jeezy.

But the best part is that I’ve got two one-hour tutorials, each scheduled on Thursday! So that technically, I’ve got a hectic ONE DAY WORK WEEK!! Muah ha ha ha – eat it office slobs!

Now, I wont exactly be spending the rest of my time watching tv and smoking weed. (Just most of it.) I do have a little thing called a PhD thesis to write, plus a special exam due in November. So I do have lots of work to do. And I am continuing with the Get Up Early Initiative… so I can’t really rub it in everyone’s faces about how I can sleep in until 10:00.

But I do always have the option to sleep in until 10:00 every morning, so I got that going for me.

Anyhoo, didja catch the football game last night? 7 Goddamn touchdowns for Preston Manning. (NB: We refer to Peyton Manning as Preston Manning because we’re Canadian and silly… so that’s the way it is.) The guy I’m playing in my schlub league started Preston and amassed a whopping 60+ points. That’s friggin UNHEARD OF!!!!

I’ve gotta say that the early favorites for Super Bowl champs are indeed The Denver Broncos. I bet John Elway almost plotzed last night when Preston scored his 7th TD. I’m loving the sports chatter this morning too – it’s all about how, “Peyton is just getting warmed up!” or “We haven’t seen the best of Peyton Manning!”

Yeah, yeah we have. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that last night’s game was the best game that Preston will ever play. (Best in a score-wise/passing yards sense.) I doubt he’ll ever eclipse the 7-TD/445yd mark ever again.

Man I can’t wait for Sunday!

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Started out about academia then slipped into goals.

Ahhh, Friday. A day off from the gym and the first day of my 4 day weekend. 

I tell ya, there’s no better gig than being an academic. I’ve had a 2-day work week all summer (except for the occasional Monday where I have to go in a print off a test, which takes less then 30 minutes.) Come the fall, I’ll likely have a similar 2-day work week and all the young hotties will be back on campus again. Can’t beat that work environment!

Best of all, I’m not stuck in a godawful cubicle for 8 hours a day, slaving away for the man. I remember doing that – how I loathed it.

I’d have to say that my core philosophy can be summed up as follows: work sucks.

Work is doing anything you don’t want to do in exchange for money. I’m not saying that there’s no work in academia, but for the majority of the time, I get to focus on studying something I really like. What’s more, the amount of time I spend doing stuff I like far outweighs the time I spend working – plus, I get paid for all of it. 

My approach when it comes to goals in life is to minimize work and to maximize the amount I can get paid for doing what I like. Next September, I will likely be doing a post-doc at some University somewhere. This sounds like the ultimate gig to me – it’s a salaried position paying between $60,000-$75,000 – and I spend the entirety of my day doing research. There’s no teaching, no TA’ing and no real hassles to worry about. I get to hide away in my ivory tower – probably even work from home if I so choose – and make money for doing stuff I would be doing anyway. That’s like the definition of success.

The funny thing about success is that it’s a step by step process. Many, many people have become great successes in life – and due to the law of cause and effect – we can retrace the steps of these great people, figure out what they did to become successful, and copy those steps ourselves. 

Every motivational speaker – whether it’s Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Steven Covey, etc… – has figured out what it takes to be successful, and the difference between each speaker is simply how they present the material. Ultimately, we can all be successful, as long as we follow what works. Every motivational speaker is teaching us the same thing – what it takes to be successful.

Sadly, though, most people don’t do what it takes to become successful. In fact, I remember reading that the average number of times a person tries something new is less than 1. LESS THAN 1. That means, basically, a great majority of people don’t try to do new things. One way to interpret this is that a great majority of people, once they’ve established their habits, don’t ever try and change or improve their habits.

The difference between winners and losers in life is that the winners fail more often. Why’s this? Because winners try new things! Not only that, winners refuse to give up! No one is good at anything on their first try. It takes time to learn a new skill, or learn how to do something new. Most people try, fail, and then give up. But winners try, try and try again. Winners are determined to succeed, and it’s this determination which ultimately lets them succeed, no matter how much they fail

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