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A Monday ramble on planning and productivity

Having a much better day today productivity-wise. Got up without hitting snooze, did my goals, then 3 pages of notes for class, then exercise, do my piano, now I’m onto writing. There’s been very little dilly-dally today, I’ve been focused on getting my goals done as efficiently as possible.

Anyhoo, I think the key to a great day is to be productive first thing. If I can manage to get up and get going, then as my feelings follow my actions, I instantly feel more productive. And when I’m productive, I want to carry those feelings through me for the rest of the day, rather than just slack off. It’s like the snowball effect – doing just a little something in the morning to be productive will get me going for the rest of the day, like a snowball rolling down a hill.

After my writing, I’ll read my book for 30 minutes before working on my thesis. If I can manage to keep my head down while I do my math, and not watch tv or surf the net or anything, then it’ll be a nice and productive day. My math “to do” is to edit 4 pages of my thesis. But editing the thesis is somewhat tedious – so we’ll see what I do. My plan is to do head down math until 8:00pm, at which time I can relax. That’ll probably mean around 4 good hours working on my thesis. If I can get in a consistent groove on my non-teaching days, then I’ll be done this sucker in no time.

Actually, what I should be doing is spending as much time as possible on my thesis. I think I’ll uninstall Tinder and just focus on fitness and work for the next little while. I’d rather be in a better position career-wise before going on dates and getting serious with anyone. Of course, I could go out on dates just to practice going out on dates… so maybe I’ll hold off on deleting Tinder. But for sure, I’m going to try and spend a majority of my time on my thesis from now on, until it’s done.

And fitness – well, the only thing I really need to improve for fitness is my diet. I’ve been doing really well as far as exercising consistently, and doing around 4-5 workouts a week. If I could stick to a caloric ceiling on a consistent basis, I’d start losing all that pesky belly fat.

Yup. I think I’m going to focus on those two things for the next little while: thesis and diet. Of course, focusing on a diet just means “not eating whatever the hell I want”, which is my current diet. It’s all about prepping my meals for the week, measuring out my portions and counting calories. Thing is though, in the past when I’ve done this, I’ve felt great during the day. Good workouts, lots of energy – so there’s certainly benefits to eating well that I’m not enjoying. Another reason to focus on diet for the next little while.

I will say this though – I’m getting pretty darn good at piano. I need to start a new piano book, because as soon as I learn “Amazing Grace”, I’m done with Alfred’s Piano Book Vol 1.

What else? I was recently binge-watching House – but I’m somewhere near the end of Season 7 and getting pretty sick of it. House and Cuddy have this on-again/off-again relationship, and so I’m guessing Season 8 is all about their wedding and the final episode is one of them dying (or Wilson) at the wedding. Calling it right now. But we’ll see – I’ve no real appetite to watch that show again.

I’m currently catching up with the current season of Bob’s Burgers. I’ve got, like, 6 new episodes to watch, so I am stoked for this evening when I will be done all my goals and can veg out and watch some tv. Yeah!


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Conspiracy radians and the latest Bobs Burger

I tell ya, I love watching conspiracies – the crazier the better. I’ll watch anything about UFO’s, ghost, the secret government, Bilderburgers, 9/11, fake moon landing, JFK/RFK/MLK assassinations, mind-control cults, ancient civilizations, etc…

But nothing loses me faster, when people try and ascribe meaning to numbers measured in degrees. For example, they’ll say because this angle is 137.5 degrees, the numbers 137 and 5 have meaning.

As a mathematician, that’s pretty asinine. If some secret alien overload is going to leave a secret message with respect to an angle, then that angle will undoubtedly be measured in RADIANS!

The idea that a circle has 360 degrees is a purely human invention. We’ve defined the degree, by saying there’s 360 of them in a full revolution of a circle. Whereas, radians (i.e. measuring a revolution as 2π) is inherent within any circle!

What I mean to say, is that if an alien measured the radius of a circle of any standard length, that radius would always be 2π, and it’s area would be π^2, etc…

But you get either idiots or disinfo agents who claim that the number 9 is sacred, because a right angle is 90 degrees and thus 9 + 0 = 9. Man, nonsense numerology like that pisses me off. Especially since 9 = 3*3. So it’s not even the 9 that’s important, it’s 3 – but nooo, the secret reptilians that rule the world worship 9 (which upside down is a 6, and 9 = 6+3 means six three’s – aah, number of the beast!)

Make no mistake, there are conspiracies out there, and there’s some weird and wild stuff occurring on this Earth of ours. But shoddy numerology like that isn’t helping anyone.

Anyhoo, that latest Bobs Burger episode was pretty sweet.

Teddy has been home brewing his own beer, and it turns out it’s pretty darn good! So Bob agrees to sell it (illegally), and everything’s going great until the health inspector shows up. The health inspector (who’s name is Hugo, according to Google) has a personal vendetta against Bob, and will stop at nothing until Bob is out of business.

Meanwhile, the Belcher kids have managed to cobble together a go-kart, which they start racing at a local track. Louise wins the “Gene’s hairy mole” contest, so she gets to be the driver, despite Tina having a natural skill. Tina is so good, that a local team recruits her to race for them. Louise is furious that Tina quit the family team and decided to drive for someone else, while Gene has some not-very-good subplot about being a flag waver. In the end, it all leads down to a final race – Tina against Louise. They race neck and neck, and they’re down the final straight until Louise’s car blows a pump. Tina, instead of winning, pushes Louise’s car over the track so the Belcher team wins the race.

Aside from the Gene subplot, this was a pretty excellent episode. Whoever does the voice for Hugo is so furiously over-the-top, and some stand out voice work from Thomas Lennon as well.

I still have those new Simpsons & Family Guy episodes to watch, but that’ll have to wait for another day.

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Dreamy cartoon ramble,

I had that dream again – you know? The one where they fly through the window?

Note the three bulges

Note the three bulges

No, seriously. I had that dream again where I’m calling into work at my old job. This dream, I was late to work, so I was rushing from this party, trying to get to work and not be late. (I hate being late.)  Only this time, I remember saying to myself in the dream, “Wait a minute? Why am I rushing into work? I don’t work there anymore? Who cares if I’m late?” But then, instead of realizing that I was in a dream, and then transition from there into lucid dreaming – my brain said, “Oh, I can’t be late. It wouldn’t be fair to the guys who work there.” And that was enough for my brain to keep on going with this crazy stressful dream.

Also, you'll *really* have to pee for the last hour.

Also, you’ll *really* have to pee for the last hour.

My stupid brain. And this was a dream I had when I went back to bed at 6:00am. I woke up at 5:00 as usual, but I didn’t sleep well, so I was super tired! I went to bed at 9:00pm last night too. But I took some melatonin to help me on the way, and I think that probably messed with my sleep cycle. (My sleep cycle is crazy erratic yo!) Anyhoo, I’m getting stuff done today, but it’s not the SUPER EXTREME EFFICIENT MONDAY that I really wanted. So one of math, exercise or LP’s will suffer because of it. Oh well…

Perfect Strangers. AKA: The 80's Ethnic Odd Couple.

Perfect Strangers. AKA: The 80’s Ethnic Odd Couple.

I’ve got three new shows lined up to watch later on: Simpsons, Family Guy and Bobs Burgers. That’s my Sunday night cartoon lineup, with American Dad been moved to Monday nights. Of the three, I’m most looking forward to Bob’s Burgers. It’s easily the best of the three at the moment. After that would be Simpsons – even though it’s dipped in quality, Simpsons (HD) is pretty darn good. Least appealing is obviously Family Guy. It’s a shell of it’s former self, and most of the cutaway gags seem to fall flat.

New episode baby! Woo!

New episode baby! Woo!

I was thinking it over last night, and if I had to rank the Top 5 cartoon series of all time, my list would run:

1. Simpsons – The all time champ, no one will ever have the longevity or the relevance.

No one stops The Simpsons!

No one stops The Simpsons!

2. American Dad – The addition of Roger the Alien is so brilliant, because there is virtually no limit to what the writers can come up with, since he’s not limited by human physiology.

Not to mention the brilliant voice of Steve.

Not to mention the brilliant voice of Steve.

3. South Park – This could easily be switched with AD – or number 2 could be tied. South Park has been consitently hilarious, and as they get older, they’re taking more chances with their storytelling, which has been what made AD so great as well. Plus, Cartman is a phenomenal character.

And the videogame The Stick of Truth was aces!!!

And the videogame The Stick of Truth was aces!!!

4. Futurama – I mean, you could almost put Futurama at the number 3 position, with the above tied at number 2. Bender and Fry were two unbelievable characters – plus all the science-y gags I can appreciate.

Want to watch a show? Why not Zoidberg?

Want to watch a show? Why not Zoidberg?

5. Family Guy – When it first came out, it’s cutaway gags seemed pretty funny. And it was the first big show after The Simpsons and South Park. But it just seems so meh at the moment.

Laugh and cry.

Laugh and cry.

I should watch the FG series again to contemplate it’s longevity.

Current awesome cartoon shows are the aforementioned Bobs Burgers, and Rick and Morty had a phenomenal first season. But that’s my 15 minutes, and the plumber is here to fix my toilet so awaaaaay we go!

Top 5 potential

Top 5 potential

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Gotham ramble

I gotta say, Bob’s Burgers is a consistently hilarious show. I had fallen behind over xmas, so I managed to catch up yesterday with the three previous episodes. With each show, it seemed like the animation “popped” more, and I was again, consistently blown away by how good all the voice acting is. It’s a perfect ensemble of 5.

When I say an ensemble of 5, people naturally think of the Simpsons. Though while there’s 5 characters, there’s only 4 voices among them. It’s the 5 voice actors all playing off one another that makes Bob’s Burgers so great.

In fact, the episode that aired most recently had some big name acting talent in it – including Carl Reiner, Nick Offerman and Jordan Peele (from Key and Peele.) Yeah – pretty impressed with Bob’s Burgers recently.

Tonight, for my tv watching pleasure, I’ve got the latest episode of Gotham. Oooh man – this blog just took a turn for the Batman-related, ’cause I’m going to gush about how much I both love and HATE Gotham.

First, the Love. Man, gotta love the Penguin. That guy is pretty top notch. Plus Jada Pinkett, and Cap’n Rawls from the Wire as boss Falcone. Big fan of some of the acting performances thus far – even though it’s a network schlockfest, those actors that can recognize it and play their role to the just-almost-too hammy, gets a win in my book. Also, I love that kid who plays Batman, and Alfred is also phenomenal. Their relationship (Alfred and Wayne) has been the most interesting stuff so far. Plus, locally born boy Donal Logue! He’s been awesome ever since The Tao of Steve.

You betcha – lots of love and things to like about Gotham.

But the Hate. Oh God do I hate the guy who plays Gordon. He’s got such a punchable face for a main character. And his wife? Come on – she’s rich and skinny and hot, but was in a previous lesbian relationship with some cop from Internal Affairs. Ohhhhh, I so don’t care about you and your rich, blonde girl problems. And all her talks with her husband all revolve around her feelings. Guh, wife please – can you not see I’m trying to fight the crime in Gotham City without the help of Batman!

But enough hate – aside from hating the lead actor and his love interest – the best thing going for the show is that it’s delving into territory rarely explored in any Batman movies. (It’s probably been explored plenty in the comics, but I ain’t going back through 500+ issues to find out.) We get to see how Batman became Batman!

Actually, it’s better said that we see the Batpreteen grow into the Batman! Sweet.

More than that – we get to see Gotham go from a relatively safe city to a crime infested hell hole, in desperate need of a healthy cleansing fire… known as the Batman! Dun dun dun DUNNNN!!!

Yeah, Batman man. That guy is cool.

Anyhoo, that about wraps up another exciting edition of 15 minutes of free form rambling. Sens play Philthydelphia tonight, so we’re all hoping for a win and a show of life from the group.

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McRambles with Sausage

“All riiiiight!”


I’m loving the voice work on Bob’s Burgers. One of the shows “schticks” is that many of the female voices are voiced by men. In particular, Linda Belcher (pictured above) is voiced by John Roberts, who’s just some guy. But he’s managed to create this sort of New-York-ish matron type of voice that’s pretty hilarious. It’s also a bit nasally, which is one of the characteristics of an inherently funny voice. So yeah, digging Bob’s Burgers!

It’s well known that back in Shakespeare’s time, only men could perform on stage. So this led to men playing all women’s parts. When you think about it, I could see how this would be great for Shakespearean comedies. After all, what do British people find screamingly funny? Man in a dress.

But the tragedies – I think the tragedies would’ve played better if some hot dame was playing the lead. So that when MacBeth’s wife eggs him on to murder the king (or whatever, I haven’t read MacBeth in years), the audience can understand why MacBeth could’ve been seduced. It would play a lot different with some ugly dude trying to get MacBeth to off the king. “Hey, MacBeth, off the king and I’ll have sex with you!” – “Uhhh, not hanks[sic].”

Oh yea – “Not Hanks[sic]” is how I say “No thanks” now. Why? ‘Cause I strive to be impenetrable in my speech and mannerisms. (There was some post on reddit about some guy trying to say “no thanks” but instead wrote “not hanks” and some wag put a picture of Tom Hanks looking shocked at his non-inclusion. I guess you had to be there.)


Not Hanks

Anyhoo, yeah I said Reddit was soma – but I forgot about my addictive nature, and how great soma is. My big problem is that I surf the web in the morning – I’ve been going at a good clip for now, but I need to get back on track for the morning.

What else… Sens play tonight! I’m hoping they can get back on track after dropping their last match on Saturday against the Rangers. Mark Stone got injured in practice, so they called up Stephane DaCosta. I’m hoping DaCosta creates some offense and plays a 200 foot game, so he can get on a roll. But then again, he plays center – and the Sens are already jam packed at the center position, so maybe he’s being showcased for a trade with a winger. We’ll see? Which teams are thin down the middle I wonder?

What else? More about MEE!?!?!? Sure – I went to the hospital this morning to give blood. (I have to go every few months, I had a kidney tranplant as a teen.) Whatever, I’m not squeamish about blood or peeing in a cup, but it always takes at least 30 minutes to get it done. (Longer if I go after 7:20.) But for a good 10 years now, whenever I’ve gone to the hospital, I always go out to McDoonalls [sic] for breakfast every morning. Hey, if I’m going to go to the hospital, I might as well get a treat.

But I’m still on my New Years diet – which means only taking in a maximum of 2000 calories a day. I knew that going into McDoonalls, but I got 3 sausage McGriddles anyway. God I love McGriddles. But KABLAMMO! That’s 1650 total calories – 550 calories each! So that pretty much does it for my calories for the day. And I’ve got an appointment with my trainer at the gym in the morning. Oh well, it was worth it!

That’s 15 minutes for me – keep on ramblin’.

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Bob’s Burgers is pretty awesome: a ramble

Yeah, I been pretty slacking lately. I’m trying to sort of simplify my goals. Well, I guess I’m just trying to make a better plan. Plus it’s cold out and it’s winter and I haven’t really started school yet, so it’s a lot like I’m on vacation.

Well, life is hard. Especially with my hectic “4 hours a week” at school this semester. I’ll be there for 2 hrs a day every Wednesday and Thursday. There’s a bunch of marking work I have to do, but I can do that at home where I’m nice and cozy and can wear my lazy pants.

Speaking of lazy pants, man is Bob’s Burger ever a good show. At first, I was convinced that Louise was the best character. She’s voiced by Kristen Schaal, who sort of has an inherently funny voice, and it’s heavily implied that she’s an evil genius. However, as time progresses, I’m more and more certain that Tina is the best character.

Tina is voiced by some guy, in the most flat, dead, monotone delivery ever, which works as Tina’s around 13-14 years old and is slowly becoming a disaffected teenager. But she’s more caught between childhood and adulthood, as she can relate with her little sister but she’s also wanting to be a grown up. 

Bob’s Burger is actually sort of teen-friendly and positive, now that I think about it. Tina deals with all those “teenager” issues that all teens have to navigate, but with Bob and the family’s help, she gets through it ok. 

However, it’s the over-the-top-teenage-emotion delivered in the deadpan monotone which is what’s so great about Tina. I haven’t watched enough of Bob’s Burgers to be able to quote it to the extent that I can with The Simpsons, I’m sure I’ll be stealing plenty of those lines soon.

Then this other show that I’m watching now is called True Detective. It’s an HBO mini-series starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaghey (sp?) aboud a hard-boiled detective (Woody) paired up with a supergenius pessimist lunatic in Matthew Mc-C. So far I’ve seen about 20 minutes of the first episode, and these guys have to solve some sort of satanic sacrifice murder. Woody is FBI and McC is a profiler or something. It’s pretty gloomy so far, and funny in a black humour way.

What else? Well, it’s one of my goals to start writing a novel, so the plan is to start writing 2000 words a day. Hopefully I can get back on track here and start waking up early. I think I’ll need to do my writing at a consistent time everyday to develop the habit. Often when I’m writing a blog post, I won’t really have any idea of what I’m writing about until my fingers start moving. I sort of worry about content, but crappy ideas and no ideas haven’t stopped me before!

Anyhoo, I’m rambling. My 15 minutes is up.


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Reddit is Soma, Cartoons are Awesome.

Man, Slackeroosers. I’ve been slacking off with writing. Well, that’s what happens when you allow reddit on your computer. 

Since I went on Xmas break, I unblocked reddit from my computer and started surfing again. Man, big mistake. What an unquenchable time waster! You wouldn’t think you’d continually click links about crazy cats wearing people clothes, but you do! It’s nuts!

Then you discover subreddits, which you can edit so that all the news you see is tailored to your particular brand of biases. Wow! Why would you ever leave – just continual entertainment and articles which confirm your beliefs. It might as well rename itself to ‘’. 

Actually, that’s a fruckin’ good idea. Create a reddit clone which is called “” – and you construct the website in such a way that you get a constant feed of new pics, stories, etc… And of course it’d be all RSS fancy, so that new links would constantly get pushed up. Oh man, it’s not often I print out million dollar ideas on my blag [sic], but there it is.

Although, I’m not all that sure reddit makes any money, since they’re constantly begging for subscriptions. Plus, with its rapid expansion, it’s got to be sinking more and more cash into servers and disk space and nerds and such.

Anyhoo, I’ve been watching lots of awesome cartoons recently. Here’s a couple good titles: Bob’s Burgers, and Rick and Morty.

Bob’s Burgers is actually a lot better than I remember. I remember watching it when it first came out, but I didn’t think much of it at the time. 

So I downloaded it the other day and yeah – it’s pretty friggin solid. Tons of people voicing it: Kristen Schaal, H. Jon Benjamin (the voice of Archer), Eugene Mirman – with lots of guest voices, including Aziz Ansari, Megan Mulally and Kevin Kline who’ve had recurring roles. The colours are bright and vibrant – and the cartoon, while a bit messy (and not cartoonish), still looks pretty good in its own way.

The show’s about Bob and his wife Linda who try to run a burger restaurant while dealing with their 3 awkward children Tina, Gene and Louise. It’s a lot funnier than the plot makes it sound.

Then Rick and Morty is an explosive new standout, which talks about a boy Morty and his crazy uncle Rick. Their voiced by the same guy… some guy who’s name I’ve never heard of before and can’t remember now. But Morty lives with his family, and his parents are voiced by Chris Parnell and Sarah Chalke (aka: Becky number 2 and the blonde from Scrubs.) Chris Parnell always does great voicework, as evidence by his masterful role as Cyril Figgus on Archer.

Oh crapspackle! That reminds me that there’s a new episode of Archer that just aired! Apparently now the ISIS crew are all drug dealers, and so they’re having wacky adventures dealing drugs in Miami or something! Man – I’d better get to watching that.

Not to mention there’s the 3rd episode of Sherlock to watch – actually, that’ll be the end of the series for another two years or so. Still, new Sherlock! Huzzah!

Oh, I suppose I could also finish up my Tolkien nerdery. I finished The Hobbit – the book. It was alright – the Dwarf King dies after a big fight with goblins at the end, and he’s laid to rest with The Arkenstone. (Also, after reading the book, I can see now why Peter Jackson added in a bunch of extra stuff with goblins chasing them. There’s going to be a huge epic battle in the 3rd movie with goblins and Smaug and all sorts of shenanigans, I guarantee it!)


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