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A ramble about the thesis

Well, I was pretty slackadaisical yesterday with my writing. Tell you the truth, after my workout I spent the rest of the day working on my thesis. I think that’s probably what’s gonna happen on MWF from now on. Get up – do my notes for class, exercise, then spend the rest of the day working on my thesis. Lemme tell ya – a thesis is a very time-consuming thing. Especially a math one – my thesis is about 140 pages at the moment, and I’m in the process of going through each page, cleaning up the language, making sure things make sense, adding in explanation wherever necessary, adding sources… Guh. It takes a long time. But it’s the one huge obstacle I have to overcome before I can get my PhD, get a good job, and move outta my  parents house, so that’ll be my main focus for the next little while.

My secondary focus is exercise. My diet has been on point for the past couple days, and I’m committed to staying below 2000 calories every day. One habit I picked up is having a fruit & vegetable smoothie at the end of the day. I make my smoothie with coconut water, and then a bunch of green vegetables and fruit. It tastes… y’know, vegetable-y. But it’s a great way to get  a lot of vitamins, plus it’s a good meal to have at the end of the day. I start my day with a protein shake with vegetable powder, and I end it with more fruits and vegetables. I’m sure that’s probably good for me. And I have two meals in between – oatmeal and peanut butter, and eggs and sausage. In between the eggs and sausage and my protein shake, I get close to 75g of protein a day – which is my limit as protein is hard on the kidney.

Anyhoo, there’s not much else going on. Tonight I’m teaching my class – and it’s going ok so far. But man, it sure seems like a lot of those kids are bored during class. I don’t get it! Math is exciting! Maybe I feel this way because I’m a mathematician.

What else? Well – I guess I never actually wrote down my 5 week goals like I said I was going to. I think I might make me some June goals – as I think I did well in April when I had 5 specific targets to shoot for. And June is right around the corner, so that seems like a logical progression. Ok, that’s the plan!

Umm… Yeah. Not too much else going on. My main focuses day to day are getting my exercise in, then spending the rest of the day working on math. And in the evenings, I hit the bong in order to make the tediousness of writing a thesis more tolerable.

I’m hoping that by the end of the summer, I’ll be done my thesis. It really takes a lot longer than I was expecting – plus I was dilly-dallying a bit at the beginning of May – getting adjusted to my new class and whatnot. But now it’s all math all the time. Gotta couple months of hard, tedious work and then I’ll get my friggin PhD. Like in goals, I have to resist the temptation to quit at 95% done – and instead worry about finishing strong. Plowing through this thesis, defending the sucker, and then living the easy life of a professor.

Well, we’ll see how long it takes me to become a prof. There’s always the option of going to work for the government. But, having worked in an office, I’d much rather take a low salary in exchange for loads of free time. The odds of me working a 9-5 office job are pretty goddamn slim at this point.

Anyhoo – that’s a tight 15. Maybe another ramble tomorrow – maybe the next one is on Tuesday. We’ll see!


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Diet ramble – recognizing my sticking points

Welp, I had a near perfect day yesterday. Did all my math, exercise, piano, writing, reading, etc…. I even worked straight up until 8:00pm like I wanted, without any distractions or nothing. However, the one setback I had was with my diet. GodDAMN is it hard to resist cravings. I’ll go fine until the evening, and then I’ll see a kitchen full of delicious goodies, and I’ll start with, “I’ll just have one rice krispie square.” And then BOOM – before you know it, I’m chowing down on all sorts of garbage and the diet day is ruined.

Welp, now that I’ve got that in mind, I will remain extra vigilant tonight. I’ll make sure that I eat something healthy when I get home from class, and then STOP EATING. It’s super-easy for me to overeat – I’m on prednisone which gives me an insatiable appetite. Thus, if I’m to develop self-discipline, I should start with my diet – and that means overcoming my biggest challenge and not snacking at night.

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty sick of working out everyday and having nothing to show for it. I’m just gonna have to suck it up, drink some more water, and go to bed hungry. If I can develop that habit, then pretty soon my body will reflect my decisions. I just have to endure the cravings.

One thing I could do is use social media. This is where my instagram and youtube subscriptions will come in handy. I think that, whenever I’m feeling like snacking, or my brain gets to a point where it says, “Fuck it – we can start the diet tomorrow!” That’s when I’ll start surfing instagram or checking out my youtube fitness subscriptions. It’s when I’m feeling these cravings that I need motivation. And so seeing all those lean, fit bodies will (hopefully) motivate me to stay on my diet, avoid pigging out on junk food, and staying the course.

That’s a big thing when it comes to goals – is determination. Never giving up. I should take that message to heart. Say, if I have a bad diet morning and go heavy on the calories – usually I take that as a sign that there’s no point in dieting for the rest of the day, and I’ll pig out. Instead, if I eat a little too much – I should not quit, and try and diet my best for the rest of the day.

I think I was in here yesterday complaining about the same things. Well, this time I mean it! Now that I’m aware of my snacking struggles in the evening, it will be a bit easier to deal with them – I know that right now, that’s my biggest sticking point for my diet, and so every night I’ll try and avoid snacking.

Yeah, I would say diet, exercise and thesis are my top 3 priorities at the moment. If I can exercise everyday, keep to a healthy diet the majority of the time, and do my thesis in the evening, then everything will work out fine.

That’s the other thing about goals – is that I have to have patience. Just one night of not eating everything in sight will not yield abs. I have to eat at a caloric deficit over a long, consistent period of time in order to get down to my target body fat percentage. Maybe it’ll be easier now that it’s the summer – and when it’s super hot out, I don’t really have an appetite. But nevertheless, I will work on developing patience, and never giving up.

Anyhoo – what else? Today’s a teaching day, so no smoking weed until after class. Lemme tell ya, when I get home I’m gonna have an epic sesh – got a brand new episode of American Dad to watch. I’m gonna clean out my bong, get some ice-cold water loaded up, and then enjoy a cool bowl of cannabis and relax for the rest of the evening. Ah, wonderful.

But in the meantime, I’ve got a couple hours to kill before class. Tuesday’s are the worst – I have to be on campus at 5:30 for my office hours. However, it’s super rare that anyone shows up for office hours, so I mainly use it to surf the internet. I ‘spose I could be doing something more productive – but meh, whaddya gonna do. It’s stressful enough talking for 90 minutes in front of kids who definitely don’t want to be there. I think teaching would be a lot better if I were teaching math to mathematicians, as they’d be at least interested in the material. These engineers, they all look up at me with bored, dead eyes and world-weary sighs.

Oh well – a job’s a job. And less than 10 hours of work a week isn’t bad at all.

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A ramble about me; what I’m reading, who I’m seeing, what I’m doing

Ugh… this fucken’ layout.

Anyhoo, what’s going on? I switched to an evening schedule, which means I do my workout first thing in the morning. Lemme tell ya, it makes a hell of a difference. I worked out this AM, then did my math and that’s two of my main goals done for the day. The rest of the day is spent playing piano, writing, reading and chatting with girls on Tinder. Pretty soon I’ll have a class to teach every Tues/Thurs night – but until then, let the good times roll!

What else is going on – pretty slow weekend for Tinder matchups. I’m assuming it’s due to Easter weekend. I do have a date with J3 on Wednesday, so I got that going for me – but no other dates lined up as of yet. I am talking with a girl who’ll I’ll probably go out with – but she’s a nurse, so we’ll see if her schedule syncs with mine. If I do go out with her, she’ll be given a codename of J4 – man, lots of girls have names that begin with J.

What else? I finished “His Master’s Voice” over the weekend, and now I’m working on “100 Years of Solitude.” I’ve read two chapters so far – and it’s sorta fun to read, in a flowery language, sort of way. Actually, I think flowery language is a bit too insulting. Let’s just say the book has a lyrical quality – it’s funny, once I started reading it, I almost immediately accepted the hazy drowse of the village it describes. But I’m paying attention because certain things appear to be magic. I’m not sure of the genre – it might be hysterical realism or magical realism. The writing reminds me, so far, of Midnight’s Children – in the quality and style of writing. Well, I shouldn’t say style – because it is oddly different. Anyhoo, I’m really digging it so far.

What else? My thesis is coming along – I’ve got my general results now dependent on the size of my prime power modulus. I would like to eliminate these restrictions, but we’ll see if I can. It might only work for small dimensional quadratic forms.

But – since no one’s reading this for math – let’s move on. How am I doing with J2? Coming along – I’m still missing her from time to time, and still having “get back together” fantasies from time to time… I ‘unno how long this will last. Probably until I meet a high quality woman with whom I can see a future. Only this time I’ll be aware of coming off too needy and desperate. Plus, I plan on dating multiple women until someone brings up an exclusivity discussion. I think, in this manner, I will safeguard my feelings, and prevent myself from over investing too early again.

Anything else? Ooh – I started watching “The Walking Dead.” It’s horrible in a fascinating way. I like some of the characters, but a LOT of them behave in what I call “stupid-for-the-plot” reasons. I’m only mid way through Season 2 – but a lot of people spend time talking about their feelings, even though it’s a post-apocalyptic zombie nightmare. Not to mention, a lot of characters are behaving counter-intuitively to the situation. Luckily, I only need to half pay attention to what’s going on – since not much tends to happen every episode. Anyhoo, my brother and his wife are super-into this show, and so I’ll get up to date pretty quick – but so far, it’s a show I think I will love hating.

Uhhh… That’s about all that’s going on with me at the moment. I’ve been feeling really good today – no doubt encouraged by the morning workout and subsequent endorphins. Usually I feel sorta blue and/or bummed when I get up and get to work – but not today. I really think a morning workout is key to my mental health – keeps me positive and feeling good.

And there’s-a-15-a! Mamma mia!

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A ramble about monthly goals, getting stuff done right away

I drove by her house today… sigh.

Meh – I was running an errand and passed by J2’s house on my way home. Had a twinge of regret, etc… but it went away pretty quick when I focused on my goals. I’m feeling much better and that I’ve moved on and stuff… but every so often now I’ll still feel regret about how things went down. But nevertheless, I’m moving forward, dealing with my issues, and working on my goals. Time will heal all wounds – and as long as I stick to my plan, I’ll eventually make that deep, emotional connection with someone that I desire.

But until then… let’s keep working on my goals.

And so how are we doing today? Today is a rushed day, because I TA a class tonight, so I’m on campus from about 5:00 to 8:00. But then I’ve got an 8:30 class to TA tomorrow, so I have to go right to bed when I get home. Sorta a bummer. But it’s the last evening class until I teach in May – more importantly, it’s the last 8:30 class tomorrow – and then it’s Tues/Thurs evenings from May until August.

I’m looking forward to teaching my class this summer. It’s a 1st year calculus course for Engineers – so I’m pretty stoked about that. The fact that they’re engineers means I can be a real hardass about the math, which is the way I like it. But that’s the way it should be – I don’t want bridges being built by people who can’t do basic calculus.

What else? Well, I’ve figured out my goals for the month of April, and they are as follows:

  • Health: Have 15.5% bodyfat by April 30th
  • Love: To have gone on 5 dates by April 30th
  • Math: To have 100 pages of the thesis done by April 30th
  • Fortune: To have saved $250 by April 30th
  • Fame: To have gone to amateur night at Yuk Yuk’s 4 times.

I think all those are pretty reasonable goals. The ones I’m most focused on are Health and Math. Health, because I would really like to get better diet habits. My workout habits are generally pretty strong – I get in between 3-5 workouts a week. In fact, for the month of March, I got in 18 workouts – that’s almost 60%, so 3 out of every 5 days. Pretty good. But I’d be doing a lot better if I could get my diet straightened out. I’ve lost a little weight and fat since the beginning of the year, but now I want to step it up.

And the thesis – well, I want to get that done as soon as possible, because I would very much like to be called Dr. Sarcasticus, and then I could get a professorship or post-doc somewhere. Not to mention I wouldn’t have to TA any more classes. (I’d be teaching them, but whatevs…) The key for the thesis is short, daily, steady progress. So I reckon that if I can write 4 pages a day, I’ll be well in line to be done by the end of the month. Better still, once I’ve written my 4 pages for the day, I can relax.

Because the thing about a thesis (or any paper, really) is that it’s a chore. All the exciting research has been done, and now it’s about writing it up in explicit, technical detail. This is a drag. So what I’m excited to do, is to get up every morning and get it done.

That’s the thing about goals – if you’ve got a goal to achieve, you’re going to have to do the work. Often, the work will be tedious, or not as fun as other things you could be doing. That’s why I like doing it first – get it done! Get it out of the way immediately! Then the rest of the day is mine.

That’s one reason why I like exercising in the morning. Although I feel great after every workout, it’s still tough work. So if I can get up and get my workout out of the way immediately, I feel a lot better about myself, and I’ll carry those good feelings with me for the rest of the day.

Anyhoo, that’s a tight 15. Speaking of workouts, I’m off to do mine! Happy April schmools!!

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A ramble about anxiety and health goals

Ugh – I know I said I was going to write about goals today, but we’ll see how that goes. For some reason, I’m shaking with anxiety this morning. Dunno why – maybe I’m slightly stressed about something, and as a result of my elevated cortisol levels, my body is reacting poorly. It’s been a tough morning – a knot in my stomach, feeling jagged and tough to concentrate. I think I’ll see the doc about something for anxiety, because this ain’t a good feeling.

Well, I’m sure I’ll feel a bit better after I exercise. But that’s not a great long term solution – unless I start working out in the morning, which I suppose I could start doing. There’s always smoking a joint – but that’s not great for productivity. (I assume that’s what I’ll be doing later.)

Gotta write about something – gotta push through this feeling until it’s gone. What’s good? Well, I’m getting much better at piano. I’m currently working on perfecting the easy version of The Entertainer by Scott Joplin. It’s starting to sound good – and I think I’ll have it down pat within a week or so.

What else? The Sens are doing well. They’re 1 point back from a wildcard position with 2 games in hand on Boston, the team currently occupying the final wildcard spot. If the Sens win tonight, they’ll be in a playoff position. So hooray for the local sports concern!

I suppose if I were to write about my health goals, I’d first focus on my ultimate goal, which is: to have my own kidney, to be in peak physical condition, to have healthy, blemish-free skin, to have shiny white teeth and fresh breath, to be able to fall asleep 5 minutes after I go to bed, and to be bursting with energy all day.

Now, if that’s my ultimate goal, in order to achieve it I would need to specify exactly what I mean by, say, “peak physical condition”. Because, when it comes to health goals, it’s all about doing those little things, day in and day out, which result in a healthy lifestyle. For me, I suppose my focus should be my diet. I’ve been having a poor diet for the past couple weeks, so that’s what I’ll focus on. I’m doing well with workouts – very consistent, usually 4 or 5 per week. I think the first thing I want to accomplish for my health is to get super fit. That means something like 10-12% body fat (which may or may not be achievable, given my medical condition.) So that’s what I’ll focus on – losing weight. That’ll be my first mini-goal.

After that, which can only be achieved through a healthy diet and consistent exercise, then everything else should be easier to accomplish. I imagine I’ll be able to fall asleep quicker if I’m exercising everyday and eating a healthy diet – my skin should improve, my energy should sky-rocket. My teeth – well, I just have to keep brushing and flossing everyday like I do. I’ll see about getting them whitened – I feel that they’re a bit stained due to the fact that I drink black coffee. So I won’t really worry about those until I’ve achieved my weight loss goal.

Ultimately, I don’t really care about how much I weigh, what I care about is that my belly fat is all gone. (Again, this may or may not be achievable due to my medical condition.) But my focus for the next little while will be on maintaining a strict diet. I’m confident I’ll keep working out like I have been – but with a better diet, that weight will come flying off. (Well, not flying off, but it’ll inevitably come off due to science. Calorie out > calorie in; that’s all I care about.)

Anyhoo – I think I may also be a bit bummed due to lack of sunlight. Luckily, the weather is improving and good times are right around the corner. Tell that to my shaky body though, ’cause it don’t believe you.

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A ramble brought on by lack of release

I think implementing a new exercise plan, maybe I should’ve allowed for a rest day today. I’ve done two strenuous workouts in a row, and I’ve got another one coming up today. I’m feeling sorta tired for some reason – maybe the wake and bake didn’t help. (But how often do I get to W&B?) Anyhoo, the thing about the gym is, once I get started, then I’ll start enjoying it. But the big thing is getting there and starting. My whole body is like, “Nooooo! No workout, senor!” (My body is Spanish, apparently.) But I’ll get on that treadmill for my warmup and it’ll be all systems go. Plus, best part about working out in the afternoon is that it basically signals the end of my day. I can relax once I’m done my workout. (Well, I do have class tonight, but they’re writing a test, so it’ll be a good hour of internet surfing for me!)

However, we shall see. I am feeling somewhat tired, so I might have a little nap once I break away to do my reading right after this. I do my reading on my bed, and I think it might happen that’ll just fall right asleep. I suppose I should either do my reading at my desk, or just go straight to working out and do my reading later. But that’s what I’ve done for the past two days – do my workout before my reading – and as such, I’ve been too tired (or lazy) to read at night. (But not tired enough to fall right asleep, go figure. Lousy brain.)

Anyhoo – what else? Not much in the dating world to report. I’ve got a date Saturday afternoon – feeling pretty good about internalizing the idea that dating is a process, and I don’t need to be concerned about achieving my goal as soon as possible. This morning, I did some good work on my thesis – and I wasn’t distracted by dating concerns or suffering from a lack of focus. It’s been awhile since I’ve done good work like that, so I’m happy with my progress with my issues so far.

In the meantime though, as part of my self-discipline regimen, I’ve eliminated watching porn and masturbating regularly. As a result, I’m so easily distracted when I’m at school by any pretty girl walking by. I know that when I go to the gym in a bit, it’ll feel like I’ve been shot out of a cannon. Pretty crazy how much energy and vitality I can store up by not spanking it for a few days.

But the problem is that now it’s like I’m 13 again – I’ve got sex on the brain. When I’m focused in on work, then it’s pretty easy to work well and stay focused because I’ve got that energy driving me. But in my leisure time, or when I take a break – all I’m thinking about is sex. I’m sending out messages to some girls who may want to hook-up this weekend – we’ll see what happens. I’ve had many enjoyable one-night-stands in the past, and many regretful ones. So the key to a good hook-up, I think – is being honest about what’s going to happen, not promising anything to the other person, and making sure you get enough recent pictures so that you’re not surprised at who you’re meeting.

The other thing about not watching porn – is that I’ve started noticing how sexualized everything is. Ads on tv, pop-up ads, print ads – everything that’s successful at selling something will usually feature a hot, half-naked girl. Not that I’m complaining. But when there’s no release I can turn to, it’s a bit frustrating.

What else? I guess the biggest challenge I’m having right now is with my diet. It’s so easy to overeat – especially after my monster workouts. I added 20 mins of cardio at the end in order to burn more calories – but it’s a little fruitless if I’m just going to eat the results of my work. I think my big problem is that I’ve found that bread and butter is delicious, and goes with every meal. If I could cut out that one thing, I’d probably be doing a lot better.

Alas, goals are a lifelong process. And I’ll always keep trying, everyday, to be a little bit better than the day before.

Welp, that’s a cool 15. Time to do some goddamn deadlifts!

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Cooklympics ramble

I used to sort of take pride in not being able to cook. But I’m slowly warming to the idea that being able to cook awesome and delicious food is a worthy skill to possess.

Now, seasoned cooks won’t be amazed at the limited number of dishes I can prepare, but I’m pretty darn pleased with myself and some of the things I’ve been able to make.

My newest taste sensation is called a “Grilled Cheese.” Delicious and fattening. Here’s how I do it: heat up a frying pan, throw in a tablespoon of butter, once the butter’s melted in the pan, drop in a couple pieces of bread, then lay some cheese on top. When the bread is crispy brown, put one piece of bread on top of the other. Delicious.

I’m sure my transcendental recipe won’t make, “World’s Awesomest Cook” anytime soon, but I’m still happy with myself. I used to make grilled cheeses by putting cheese on bread and then microwaving it. That pales in comparison to the frying pan and butter method. For me, at least, it’s a step towards real cookery.

The absolute best thing I can make is a couple of fried eggs. I do ’em nice and light, with runny yolks. Delicious! God eggs are so good. I like ’em with Naan bread and peanut butter (food of the gods.) So yeah, my foray into the world of cooking consists of easy-to-make dishes and a frying pan. But I’m learning.

Of course, my greatest taste creation was maple bacon, made in the oven. I used to make bacon in the microwave, it’s super fast and easy – but in the oven, takes a bit longer, but it’s still super easy. Plus, I get to coat the bacon with maple syrup this way.

Anyhoo, what am I trying to say? I’m saying, I’m not a good cook, I can’t make a lot of dishes, but the stuff I can make tastes good and I like to eat it.Yeah!

Moving on – so The Olympics are going on now, which means no NHL for another two weeks. Sure, there’s Olympic hockey, but that’s sort of meaningless. If Canada wins the gold, or at least makes it into the gold medal game, I’ll probably watch it, but the victory is ultimately hollow for me. I mean, Olympic hockey is good hockey, but no one’s playing for the Stanley Cup. Heck, I might even go for Sweden ’cause Karlsson is playing for them. 

But yeah, no more NFL, no NHL for two weeks – and like hell I’m gonna watch “The Slalom” or “Luge” or any of the myriad sports I don’t really care about. I’m glad this is the last time the NHL goes to the Olympics, there’s too much of a risk of injury to the players who aren’t playing for the Stanley Cup.

Well, how to pass the time until hockey comes back? I could throw myself into my own physical fitness routine – especially now that I’ve had my ultrasound and I’m assuming everything is fine. Looking forward to getting back into the gym and lifting a bunch of weight. Did some deadlifts this morning, happy about that. Working out with my trainer tomorrow morning, very happy about that too. Well, I will be once the workout is over – it’s always a brutal workout with the trainer. 

What else? Oh, I’ve dropped watching Community. I made it to the 5th season where Donald Glover and Chevy Chase left the show and I find that I just don’t care anymore. Oh well, there’s a new True Detective tonight, so there’s that to look forward to.

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Lifting routine

Sens play the Rangers tonight! Woo Hoo!

Everyone likes to hear about workout routines, right? Here’s mine.

First of all, before and after every workout I do a 10 minute treadmill for warmup and cooldown. My warmup pace is 4mph at 4% incline, and cooldown is 3.5mph with 3.5$ incline.

I’ve divided up my workouts into 4: 2 heavy and 2 light. I rotate through these four workouts in the following order. (This has the format: Exercise: #sets, set X reps X weight (lbs).)

H1: Squats

Squat: 10 sets. 1 x 20 X 45, 1 x 10 x 100, 5 x 5 x working weight, 3 x 3 x heavy weight (or 3 x 10 x 45 if my legs are too tired  – sometimes I’ll add any number of super heavy singles)

Adductor machine: 3 sets. 3 x 10 x heavy weight

Hanging bent knee raises: 3 sets. 3 x 10 (or as many as I can do)

L1: OHP and Bo Rows

Overhead Press: 7 sets, 1 x 10 x 45, 5 x 5 x working weight, 1 x 10 x 45.

Bent Over Rows: 7 sets, 1 x 10 x 45, 5 x 5 x working weight, 1 x 10 x 45.

Front Raises: 3 sets, 3 x 10 x heavy weight

Pull-ups: 3 sets, 3 x 10 (I’m currently on assisted pull-ups.)

H2: Deads

Deadlift: 10 sets, 1 x 20 x 45, 3 x 8 x 135, 4 x 5 x working weight, 2 x 3 x heavy weight (if I can’t do the heavy weight, I’ll move back down to 135’s. Again, I’ll add heavy singles on good days.)

Dumbbell shrugs: 3 sets, 3 x 10 x heavy weight.

Hanging bent knee raises: 3 sets, 3 x 10

L2: Beach Day

Bench Press: 10 sets: 1 x 45 x 20, 1 x 65 x 10, 5 x 5 x working weight, 3 x 3 x heavy weight. (Bench is my worst lift. I eventually want to get to 1 x 135 x 10 as my warmup weight.)

Dips: 3 sets: 3 x 10 (assisted)

Standing two handed tricep extensions: 3 sets: 3 x 10 x heavy weight.

Chin-ups: 3 sets, 3 x 10 (or as many as I can do. assisted)

And there we have it – each one of these workouts takes about 75 minutes. I should also mention these are my “cutting” workouts – so I’m expected to be doing this through a daily caloric deficit.

My current bests are as follows:

Squat: 170lbs

Deadlift: 205lbs

Bench: 100lbs (I know!)

OHP: 80lbs

BO Rows: 90lbs

By the end of the year, I hope to Bench and Row 135, OHP 100, Squat 185 and Deadlift 225. I’d say those are pretty good numbers for someone with a kidney transplant.

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