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Ramble about TV and gettin’r going

Hey – what’s goin’ on?

Missed a couple days last week. Thursday was one of those days where I just couldn’t get’r going. It was infuriating at the time – I had a solid sleep the night before, didn’t eat anything outrageous or do nuthin’ to be so tired. But there I was, 8:00 am and outta gas for the day. Frustrating. Had a nap and that didn’t solve much. As a result, I didn’t do my writing – nor much else that day.

I assume these fits and spurts of energy are related to my kidney. For those who don’t know, I had a kidney transplant in 97, and am on some pretty serious pills as a result. It could be that one of the side effects is unforseen lack of energy at certain times. I know that occasionally, I get into a state where I just can’t keep my eyes open. Only once can I remember that this happened during a day where I did very strenuous physical activity – the other times, it just sorta hit me and that was that. My body was all like, “Ok bud. Fuck all this nonsense, we’re on strike!” and my body just refused to work for the rest of the day. Weird.

Anyhoo, I’m back and rarin’ to go. Well, not rarin’ – I don’t really have anything to write about.

Or do I? I could write about how absolutely stoked I am for tonight’s episode of Gotham. The TV trailers showed the character of “Jack Gruber” making another appearance. I think he’s going to turn out to be the Joker – and so tonight will either hint towards that tantalizing future, or demolish it by killing Gruber or something similar. Tell ya what I’m not looking forward to is Jim Gordon’s drama-addicted girlfriend. Yeesh!

As well, I’m hoping that there’ll be a new episode of American Dad tonight. … Nope. Google tells me that American Dad won’t return until February! Shenanigans!!

This weekend was pretty poor for TV. No new Simpsons, no new Bobs Burgers – no new Family Guy (although I watch them out of a sense of duty now instead of looking forward to them.) Rick and Morty won’t be back for a long time – same for Game of Thrones. Nothing new on HBO that looks terribly thrilling – meh. These are the dog days of January, when there’s no new tv – and it’s -30 outside with the wind chill, which is perfect tv-binge-watching weather! Oh well… Champagne problems…

I suppose I could rewatch Firefly. I should really make it a “thing” that I watch Firefly at least once a year. But then I’ll have to end with the movie Serenity, and Wash will die and break my heart all over again. Oh Firefly! You could’ve been so good!

I have a theory that the only reason Castle is still going is because people loved Firefly SO MUCH, that they’ll watch Nathan Fillion no matter what formulaic nonsense-show he’s on – as long as there’s sly references to Firefly along the way.

As far as goals for the day – I only have one thing left to do and that’s read Moby Dick for 30 minutes. I forget where I am in the book – the last chapter I remember reading that was good was about Steelskilt or whoever – and then I think there was a chapter about why albatrosses are good luck, or some painfully boring nonsense. They should really think about making an abridged version – there’s whole chapters that can be cut out without losing any of the plot.

Anyhoodles, that’s 15 minutes. It’s been a slice! Tomorrow will almost certainly be a recap of tonight’s Gotham episode!


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Gotham: Rogue’s Gallery episode ramble.

Oh man is Gotham ever awesome!

As you may have guessed, I caught the latest episode of Gotham last night. It’s the first episode back from the winter break, so things are a bit different, most notably that James Gordon is now a security guard at Arkham Asylum. And wouldn’t you know it, a suspicious attack takes place inside the asylum and it’s up to Gordon to solve it. (While being yelled at by some fussy bureaucrat, played by the guy who played Clay Davis on the Wire. Another Wire character actor in this show? Sheeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiit!)

I want that report on my desk by Friday, Gordon!

I want that report on my desk by Friday, Gordon!

Anyhoo, there’s hella-drama with Gordon’s stupid wife (or may be girlfriend, not sure – don’t care) – she’s trying to be all lesbian couple-y with the chick from IA, but Gordon’s wife is a mess, with the drinking and the pills and all that. Ugh, what a wreck. So Gordon’s wife (whereby IMDB tells me that the character’s name is Barbara Kean, ok – Bratty Barb it is) – So Bratty Barb breaks up with the chick from IA (whereby IMDB tells me that character’s name is Renee Montoya – pff, Montoya) – Barb and Montoya break up in a messy scene, and Bratty Barb bathes in the drama that surely is her lifeforce.

Crazy eyes. That's how I know she's trouble.

Crazy eyes. That’s how I know she’s trouble.

Meanwhile, on the mean streets of Gotham (which aren’t so mean that two 14 year old girls on there own aren’t repeatedly raped), Selina Kyle finds Poison Ivy lying sick. So Kyle takes Ivy to Gordon’s empty apartment for her to recuperate. Only it just so happens that Bratty Barb phones home (no doubt looking for rescue from hunky Jim Gordon – I sorta get the sense he’s had to rescue her before. Come on Jim! You can do better!)  – Bratty Barb phones home and Ivy answers the phone. Ivy, clever trickster that she is, plays it up like she’s nailing Jim – which freaks out Barb. (Aside: Good, I don’t much care for Barbara.)

Don't worry Ivy, for some reason the door was unlocked to this mullion dollar penthouse. We're safe!!

Don’t worry Ivy, for some reason the door was unlocked to this mullion dollar penthouse. We’re safe!!

And then in mafia developments – Fish is angling to take over for Don Falcone, should he one day, God forbid, happen to have a catastrophic accident. But according to old Sicilian law, there’s some other guy in line for the throne – Saviano. Luckily, Butch – Fish’s muscle and right hand man – goes way back with Saviano. So Butch goes to talk with him.

Though the above is about Butch, I'd still rather look at Fish Mooney.

Though the above is about Butch, I’d still rather look at Fish Mooney.

Saviano, however, offers Butch his own little fiefdom in Saviano land. Butch says he’ll think on it – there’s a bunch of reflective shots of Butch. Will he turn on Fish? Won’t he turn on Fish? In the end… Butch shoots Saviano in the face. (In fact, that’s the last scene of the episode – so it looks like it’s mob war from here on out! Woo! Let chaos reign in Gotham city!)

Meanwhile, with a heavy dose of symbolism, back at the nut house...

Meanwhile, with a heavy dose of symbolism, back at the nut house…

The B-story involving the Penguin wasn’t that great, I felt. The Penguin tries to raise levies on dockworkers who are already paying protection money, and gets thrown in jail for a night. Turns out Moroni (The Penguin’s mob boss) don’t like it when people go behind my back, see? And the Penguin learns a valuable lesson.. (Actually, he just learns how better to exploit Moroni in the future.)

Does this look like a man who learns his lesson?

Does this look like a man who learns his lesson?

Oh – and the A-story involving Gordon and the inmates in the asylum? It turns out the murderer escapes the asylum in the end – leaving Gordon a personalized note; signed, “Jack Gruber”.

Is this the Joker?!!?

Is this the Joker?!!?

Maybe it’s just me reading WAY too much into this – but Jack Gruber sounds very similar to.. .The Joker! Did we just see the first appearance of The Joker in Gotham? Only time will tell – but that’s who I’m betting on down the line!

PS: Morena Baccarin shows up in the episode as some shoulder-length-hair-having doctor. But if she’s not in Firefly, then I really don’t care.

She can be my companion any day!

She can be my companion any day!

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The Nostromo vs. Midnight’s Children

I changed up the Jazz Cigarettes widget. Now it suggests articles based on the number of likes it gets, rather than the number of clicks it got in the past 48 hours. That widget was looking pretty lonely when I had it based on clicks. Now it’s a bunch of stuff about goals and a couple about Mr. Honey Bunches. Nothing about how much Castle sucks and Stana Katic also sucks and that jazz. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to write better rants that resonate with more people. Either that, or face the fact that most people like Castle, and think Stana Katic is a perfectly fine actress, and her character “Beckett” isn’t a moody bitch at all.

One thing we can all agree on is just how wonderful Nathan Fillion is.


Oh he’s just such a dreamboat.

Firefly isn’t coming back. Wash died in Serenity. I have to accept these things.

Anyhoo, since I finished The Outsider yesterday, I have to choose a new fiction book to read. I was going to read, “The Nostromo” by Joseph Conrad – partly because it’s a classic, but also partly because the ship in Alien was called the Nostromo. (In fact, if you Google “The Nostromo”, JC’s book result is 4th – there’s 3 nerdy Alien things preceding it.) 

However, I read for 15 minutes yesterday and barely made it 3 pages. Joseph Conrad is a dense read. I’m sure many readers have read “Heart of Darkness”, I think probably his most famous book. The movie “Apocalypse Now” was loosely based on the book, and more than one grade 12 class had to read it. 

I tried stumbling through it one summer, and as I recall, it was also a pretty dense read. 

What do I mean by dense? I mean it’s the sort of book that seems weighed down by its use of language. One has to trudge through the book, stumbling on long, difficult and obscure words, before graping the meaning of a paragraph. It’s necessary to have a dictionary nearby when reading a dense book.

Sometimes a dense book can be absolutely wonderful. I would call, “Midnight’s Children” a pretty dense book, as Rushdie likes to be verbose. But that book, I think, had a very lyrical quality to it. Whereas what I’ve read of Conrad, it seems a lot more chunky and doesn’t flow as well. This might be me being a poor reader, and wanting to fly ahead to the meat of the book without paying too much attention to little details. Although I read Midnight’s Children pretty thoroughly, so maybe not.

In any case, I don’t much feel like continuing on with The Nostromo. I’d much rather read book 4 of the Game of Thrones series. I read the first three books a couple years ago when the show first came on. And I remember starting book 4 and getting part way through it, then putting it down and never picking it up again. Now that the show is pulling information from book 5, I think I’m a lot more motivated to plow through the last two remaining books.

Of course, each of the game of thrones books are a thousand pages long, so it’s not a quick read. Moreover, I’ve got the book on Kindle rather than a hard copy, so once I’m done, I won’t get to add to the satisfying stack of “Read this Year” books I’ve got going on. 

I suppose I might try reading more of The Nostromo until some action starts happening, then give it up later if I still can’t penetrate the language. After all, it was written about 100 years ago. There’s a reason it’s a classic. I’ve just got to push on until I find that reason.

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The Wubba Lubbs Lub Dubs ramble!

NHL Playoffs! Wubba lubba lub dubs!!

Even though the Sens aren’t in the playoffs, I’m still pretty stoked. I watched the MTL/Tampa Bay game last night. Whooo doggies, that’s some excitement! There were a bunch of lead changes, and back and forth action, nothing but razzle dazzle! Now I’m surfing for all the NHL filler I can read. Mmmm…. The immersion of hockey.

I never would’ve liked hockey if it weren’t for video games. I think one of the first games I got for Xbox (way back in 2005 or so) was hockey, and then I’d play that after work while I smoked a doober. This was back in my first apartment, out on my own for the first time. So the experience was transcendent. 

But then as I got more and more into video games, I got more and more frustrated with the NHL games. The physics models were no good, and the graphics weren’t the best compared to PC games and playing against the computer was too easy. However, I did start to watch Ottawa Senators games on tv in the meantime. 

Plus, back then, I was working at a 9-5 hellhole every day. I could basically surf the net the whole day, so having the Ottawa Senators to read about made things more interesting. 

And this is how my passion for hockey grew. I think it was the 2005-2006 season, I would pass time at work by reading about the Sens. But then I’d be all excited, ’cause we were a winning team, and so I’d go home and be able to watch the game! Wow! And I can have cereal for dinner!? This is the best time ever!

So over the years, until 2008, I worked a regular job, and would pass the time by reading about the Sens. Then when I went back to school, by that time, I was a megafan. So I’d made my transition during that time from ‘casual sports fan’ to ‘sports nut’. (That was also right around the time I started watching NFL games regularly. Of course, my love of NFL grew due to my participation in a fantasy football league, but that’s another story for another day. Also, that’s the whole story.)

Anyhoo, I’m downloading Orphan Black now as my next ‘new’ show to watch. Everyone on the internet is raving about it, and it’s Sci-Fi, so it might prove a suitable replacement for Firefly. (Weep for Wash.) 

I’ve seen 10 minutes or so of the first episode before I get bored and turn it off. But from what I understand, the show is about a girl who’s been cloned, and she meets up with her other clones and goes on a rampage or something. 

Absolutely every review I’ve seen raves about the lead actress. Since she’s the clone, she plays 3 or 4 (or more, I ‘unno) different parts on the show. So I’m guessing each character is unique with their own little subtleties and nuance, because why else would the critics be raving? 

So yeah, Orphan Black. I’ll do my best to get through the first show. Then we’ll see if I’m hooked or not. Some shows which I love now started out pretty rough (I’m looking at you, American Dad) but made it through that 1st season and rocketed to the top. I’ll make a commitment to watch that first episode no matter what…

Guffaw. I’m making it seem like sitting and watching something for an hour is such a chore. Champagne problems, right?

Anyhoo… so yeah, the only other show I’m watching is Game of Thrones. Shit is gonna get cray-cray now that Joffrey is dead. And I think Simpsons/Family Guy are almost done for the year. American Dad is done for the year, and is moving to TBS, so who the hell knows when it’ll be back on. Archer is meh this season, so no rush to watch anything there. Yup, mostly just NHL Playoffs and counting the days until Game of Thrones is back on.

15 minutes! Wubba lubba lub dubs!!

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No one likes Stana Katic

So I was checking out which search terms people used to access this site, and one recent visitor got here by searching, “I hate Stana Katic.” That makes me so happy. We all know she’s the worst part of Castle. Honestly, just have Nathan Fillion be a sherrif somewhere so he can beat up the badguys and teach us right from wrong. Ooh, even better, have him be a sheriff in space! Wouldn’t that be awesome! And you could have a wise-cracking pilot, a magic negro disguised as a preacher – auuuugh, I miss Firefly. I’ll just have to watch it all again… and break my heart when Wash dies in Serenity.

Anyhoo, at the moment I am watching this show called Psych. It’s a’ight, in a cheesy sort of way. What happens is our roguish hero, Sean Spencer, has an eidetic memory and uncommon powers of observation, like a Sherlock Holmes type. Except he’s a bit of a goof-off and hasn’t really got a steady job. But his dad’s a retired cop, so Sean can’t help constantly calling the police with tips about local crimes. (Based on his Sherlock Holmes powers.) Eventually, for some convoluted reasoning, Sean tells the cops he’s a psychic. But that backfires when the cops hire him for a case. Hijinks ensue.

So that’s the setup – Sherlock Holmes type goof gets hired by the cops to solve crimes. He’s joined by his black best friend Gus, who’s generally the straight man and the voice of reason, and by his cop buddies Juliet and Det. Lassiter. Lassiter is a hard-boiled, straight-edge kinda character and Juliet is the hot chick cop that Sean is always trying to ‘get with’. And Sean’s dad is always every present in each episode – he’s a crusty, no-nonsense cop type.

Anyhoo, it’s pretty good in a cheesy sort of way. It’s shown on the USA network (or US network) in the states, and we have no such affiliates up here in Canada, so it’s certainly not very popular up here. But apparently it’s popular enough in the states to have done 8 seasons so far.

The show generally follows the standard police produral script, with a bit of humour thrown in by Sean and Gus. Sean is a real wise-cracking type – and would’ve been a better choice for The Amazing Spider-Man than the guy that wasn’t Tobey Maguire. The reason I started watching it was because I’d seen enough of the jokes in imgur format on reddit to make me curious. I’ve just started Season 2 and we’ll see how long I last with this show.

As for other shows I’ve got to watch, there’s still the first season of Broadchurch that I haven’t seen. It stars David Tennant, but the first 4 minutes when I watched didn’t immediately feature David Tennant, so I stopped watching. I’ll probably pick it up again when I get sick of Psych.

And I’m pretty sure I’ll get sick of Psych before too long. There are some dramatic elements to it, so if Juliet gets kidnapped or something and Sean has to save her, and so then Sean saves her but just as they go to kiss, Juliet’s boyfriend shows up – and that’s the cliffhanger for the end of the season? Anything like that happens and I’m dropping the show like a bagful of spiders. (Unless magic happens and I get super invested in the characters and I’m all like, “Noo! Juliet you moron! Go for Sean already, he’s perfect for you!”

Somehow I don’t see that happening.

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The new Doctor is coming! What is John Hurt going to do?

So there’s a new Doctor Who in town! The actor Peter Capaldi will be playing the 12th incarnation of the doctor whenever the new series feels like starting up. There’s a big 50 year special sometime around November, and then we get to learn what the deal is with John Hurt and all that sort of nonsense.

I only sort of follow Dr. Who. I’ve seen all the episodes, but I only sort of half-heartedly paid attention during the last series. I wasn’t a huge fan of Amy Pond and so I only was sort of paying attention when her and Rory were mucking about with the doctor. Then Clara was the companion for awhile, and I liked her very much… but she has some weird timeline accident and now she’s either gone forever or is a ghost like River or something.

Anyhoo, Dr. Who with Tennant & Rose was the best. The reboot started well with Chris Ecclestone playing the Dr. – but he got annoyed about something and so David Tennant took over in Season 2. Then Rose disappeared and Martha and Torchwood showed up and there was a bunch of kerfuffle. That whole arc with Tennant was really good.

Matt Smith was sort of meh, in my opinion. Mainly because I didn’t like his companions. But that’s the way it goes, I suppose.

I haven’t seen any Dr. Who before the reboot, so I don’t know much of the lore surrounding Dr. Who. I do know a few things, though

  • Dr. Who is a timelord – which has all the physical appearance of a human, but can manipulate time in various ways.
  • Dr. Who comes from the planet Gallifrey, which was blown up in the Time Wars. We’re led to believe that Dr. Who himself was instrumental in blowing up his own planet. (Destroying the planet in order to save it, or something like that.)
  • Dr. Who has two hearts.
  • A sonic screwdriver can fix just about anything.
  • Dr. Who has a time machine called the TARDIS (Time and relative dimensions in space… or something like that.) It has a busted Johnson rod and so it’s camouflage is permanently fixed to be a 1960’s looking telephone booth.
  • Dr. Who’s arch enemy is also a Timelord from Gallifrey called The Master. The Master is generally pretty badass.

That’s about the sum total of what I know about Dr. Who – and anyone of those points could be entirely wrong.

I don’t follow Dr. Who as closely as some slavering maniacs out there, so I’m sure my knowledge is not up to nerd-level scrutiny. But I can generally get by in any Dr. Who related conversation.


That’s enough about Dr. Who. If I had to think of some other spectacular Sci-Fi series that I liked, I’d be hard pressed to think of many. There’s Firefly, of course, possibly the greatest sci-fi series ever. And…. anything else? 

Mmmm, not really. Not a fan of any of the Star Treks. I watched Battlestar Galactica but abandoned it during the final season – it got too stupid, and I hated whoever played Starbuck and whoever was played by Mary McDonnell. Futurama doesn’t count, because it’s classified as a cartoon.

Yeah, that’s sort of frightful that I can’t think of any other good sci-fi series I like to watch. This is bad. I’m in serious danger of losing nerd cred. 

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There’s a chick in my class with a crazy bodacious rack.

I’m a rambler I’m a gambler and it’s now time to write… 

There’s this chick in my class – who’s a student, I’m the prof – who I’ve recently found out has a bodacious rack. Generally, I can’t really tell the figure of my sexier students, ’cause they’re all sat behind a desk and I’m at the front with my glassenses [sic] off. But today, this girl comes up to talk about her test and AAHOoooooOOOGAH! Wow, what an amazing rack.

Luckily, I’ve seen plenty of documentaries* which feature hot students sleeping with their teachers. So I think I’ll be nailing this one by the end of the semester.

It’s funny, being a woman and around 20 years old is like a super power. If you’re a chick and you’re 20 and you’re not fat, that’s pretty much as hot as you’re ever going to be. Here’s a tip, ladies, since society seems to think that men care about your profession: men don’t care about your profession. Men care if you’re hot and not a bitch. That’s it. All this blather about fierce and independent, that’s all horseshit being pushed by ugly women. Since feminism reared it’s ugly head in the 70’s, society has been telling girls to act like men, and been telling men that male sexuality is wrong. What a world!

What gets me are feminists who think getting a job is ‘freeing’. You morons – work sucks. 95% of all jobs suck total balls. The other 5% are like, playboy photographer, executive hammock tester, professional porn watcher. Those are all legit awesome jobs. Everything else is working in an office for the man, or working retail and dealing with stupid customers, or selling something and dealing with stupid people that wont buy your product.

Anyhoo, I’m rambling on again – ill formed thoughts about stuff that bugs me. My main point is that I really want to nail that chick in my class with the bodacious rack. Mmmm…. boobs.

What else… couple more minutes to kill. Well, I watched all of Arrested Development recently. It’s quite the clever show – much smarter than Modern Family. Not to mention it stars David Cross, probably my favorite current working comedian at the time. (Chappelle would be my favorite, but he’s not touring as far as I know.) I can see why all the nerds on the internet were up in arms when it got cancelled. But that’s Fox for ya – don’t give your best shows the best time slots or marketing and then be surprised when the ratings tank. Christ, are all tv executives a bunch of coked-up sleazeballs? I’m guessing the ones at the Fox network are! (They cancelled Firefly too – what a cunting bunch of morons.)


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Castle and the stupid chief.

Reading my earlier post about TV, I’m reminded about the show Castle, and how I hated just about everything about that show except for Nathan Fillion. (Oh, and the hot redheaded daughter, but only if she wasn’t droning on about boys and feelings…)

Anyhoo, the setup for Castle is as follows: Richard Castle (played by the super-awesome Nathan Fillion) is a best selling mystery writer who needs inspiration for a new character. So he shadows the homicide detective Kate Beckett (played bitchily by Stana Katic). Naturally, sparks fly in this will-they/won’t-they drama, as every week our heros solve yet another murder.

There’s the usual supporting cast of a stupid chief who runs the precint and a couple of ethnically diverse flunkey’s who do the grunt work. Castle also lives with his retired actress mother and hot redheaded daughter. 

Anyhoo, it’s strictly a by-the-numbers cop drama – except for Castle. He adds a certain amount of witty humour – not to mention he’s just so gosh darn charming all the time. Really, that’s all just Nathan Fillion though – that guy can sure play a charming rogue.

So the first season I thought was just a shade above the average dreck one finds on network television. Castle was this cool, alpha-male type who took risks and punched some badguys and used his wits and mystery writing powers, he managed to solve some crimes. But then the whole subplot of Castle’s got feelings for Beckett but can’t tell her for some reason, and Beckett’s got feelings for Castle but can’t tell him for some reason – and then he’s single when she’s taken, and she’s single when he’s taken – and they’re just about to kiss, but then his ex-wife walks in the door – or she’s just about to tell him how she feels, and the stupid chief walks in the door. Ugh – by the mid-second season, the show had lost any originality it might’ve had and started churning out this will they/won’t they crime-of-the-week pablum that becomes every cop show after awhile.

I managed to watch up to midway through season 4 before I finally said, “Hey, I’m just watching this for Nathan Fillion. Firefly is gone and it’s never coming back, and I need to accept that.” And I haven’t seen an episode of Castle since.

I will say one thing about how shitty the writing is. In one interchangeable episode, Beckett knows the badguys are holed up in some house, but she can’t go busting in because she doesn’t have a warrant. So she goes to the chief to get a warrant, but the stupid chief says, “If I bring this evidence to a judge, he’ll laugh me out of the courtroom.” So Beckett convinces the stupid chief to ask a specific judge, because they’re friends. So the stupid chief does so, and he talks to the judge, then puts down the phone and says. “I got your warrant. Boy! I sure hope you know what you’re doing.”

“I sure hope you know what you’re doing.” You’re the chief! You’re in charge, man! If you’re the chief of police, it’s expected that you will know what all your officers are up to. Come on stupid chief! “I sure hope you know what you’re doing.” – How about, “Beckett – if you don’t collar this badguy, I’ll have your ass!” Not, “Gee Beckett, whatever you think is fine. I’m just the stupid chief.” 

Guh – stupid chief.

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Other tv I like.

I’m always looking for good tv shows. Aside from the appalling amount of cartoons I watch, I also like a smattering of dramedies and sci-fi: Sherlock, Doctor Who, 30 Rock, Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire. I guess those are really the only ones that are ongoing that I follow.

Firefly, of course, was transcendent when it aired. (The movie was meh-ish, I thought. It was an insufficient way to wrap up a show which had just SO MUCH GODDAMN POTENTIAL!!) Augh, thinking about Firefly and what could’ve been…

House of Cards recently aired on Netflix, and I think I watched all 13 episodes over the span of two days. It was really good – but I fear I missed most of the subtext. (I’m notorious for not catching on to deeper meanings within books, plays, movies, shows, etc…) In House of Cards (HoC), Kevin Spacey plays a ruthless government functionary, and the show follows him and his various political machinations. There’s a lot of things that go unsaid, that is, there’s many times when one character says to another, “Of course, you realize what this means…” and they both look at each other, grimace, and nod slightly – I rarely get what they’re talking about. Anyhoo, there’s going to be a season 2 of HoC sometime, but when that’s released is anybody’s guess at this point. HoC was based on a BBC miniseries of the same name. I watched the first BBC series, but the production values weren’t as good, and I really like Kevin Spacey.

But I do like BBC miniseries. The Prisoner, with Patrick McGoohan, was revolutionary in it’s time. I watched those episodes back to back one week when I first started smoking weed. It was pretty awesome – although the technology is immediately outdated – and the whole atmosphere of the village was surreal and dream-like. The last episode blew my mind – it was just pure craziness. I thought the whole thing was amazing – and the recent remake pales in comparison.

Foyle’s War is another BBC show that I like. It’s run stopped at 7 series – and it’s similar to Sherlock, in that each episode is about 90 minutes (or the average length of a crappy comedy movie.) The show is all about a police detective named Foyle – but it’s set during World War 2. As far as TV Detective shows go, this is by far the best there’s ever been. (Although, I’ve never seen Columbo, so I may be wrong.)

The Ricky Gervais Show is yet another BBC show I like, but which ended after 3 series. It can hardly be called a show, though – it’s just a bit of animation overlaid onto a Ricky Gervais podcast. The highlight is, of course, Karl Pilkington and his wondrous sense of meaning. Pilkington is so bizarre in some of the things he says, it’s hard to decide whether he’s a moron or a weird sort of genius. 

I watched the first two seasons of Breaking Bad – but then I had to stop watching. The show was just too intense for me – it’s not a show I could just put on and forget about. Each season is structured in such a way that an enormous sense of dread builds up, tension just gets continually ramped up, until that final episode when everything goes nuts. My heart just can’t take it. Although, as my brother says, “Uh…it’s make believe. It’s just a show. Take it easy. Christ.”


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