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Diet ramble – recognizing my sticking points

Welp, I had a near perfect day yesterday. Did all my math, exercise, piano, writing, reading, etc…. I even worked straight up until 8:00pm like I wanted, without any distractions or nothing. However, the one setback I had was with my diet. GodDAMN is it hard to resist cravings. I’ll go fine until the evening, and then I’ll see a kitchen full of delicious goodies, and I’ll start with, “I’ll just have one rice krispie square.” And then BOOM – before you know it, I’m chowing down on all sorts of garbage and the diet day is ruined.

Welp, now that I’ve got that in mind, I will remain extra vigilant tonight. I’ll make sure that I eat something healthy when I get home from class, and then STOP EATING. It’s super-easy for me to overeat – I’m on prednisone which gives me an insatiable appetite. Thus, if I’m to develop self-discipline, I should start with my diet – and that means overcoming my biggest challenge and not snacking at night.

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty sick of working out everyday and having nothing to show for it. I’m just gonna have to suck it up, drink some more water, and go to bed hungry. If I can develop that habit, then pretty soon my body will reflect my decisions. I just have to endure the cravings.

One thing I could do is use social media. This is where my instagram and youtube subscriptions will come in handy. I think that, whenever I’m feeling like snacking, or my brain gets to a point where it says, “Fuck it – we can start the diet tomorrow!” That’s when I’ll start surfing instagram or checking out my youtube fitness subscriptions. It’s when I’m feeling these cravings that I need motivation. And so seeing all those lean, fit bodies will (hopefully) motivate me to stay on my diet, avoid pigging out on junk food, and staying the course.

That’s a big thing when it comes to goals – is determination. Never giving up. I should take that message to heart. Say, if I have a bad diet morning and go heavy on the calories – usually I take that as a sign that there’s no point in dieting for the rest of the day, and I’ll pig out. Instead, if I eat a little too much – I should not quit, and try and diet my best for the rest of the day.

I think I was in here yesterday complaining about the same things. Well, this time I mean it! Now that I’m aware of my snacking struggles in the evening, it will be a bit easier to deal with them – I know that right now, that’s my biggest sticking point for my diet, and so every night I’ll try and avoid snacking.

Yeah, I would say diet, exercise and thesis are my top 3 priorities at the moment. If I can exercise everyday, keep to a healthy diet the majority of the time, and do my thesis in the evening, then everything will work out fine.

That’s the other thing about goals – is that I have to have patience. Just one night of not eating everything in sight will not yield abs. I have to eat at a caloric deficit over a long, consistent period of time in order to get down to my target body fat percentage. Maybe it’ll be easier now that it’s the summer – and when it’s super hot out, I don’t really have an appetite. But nevertheless, I will work on developing patience, and never giving up.

Anyhoo – what else? Today’s a teaching day, so no smoking weed until after class. Lemme tell ya, when I get home I’m gonna have an epic sesh – got a brand new episode of American Dad to watch. I’m gonna clean out my bong, get some ice-cold water loaded up, and then enjoy a cool bowl of cannabis and relax for the rest of the evening. Ah, wonderful.

But in the meantime, I’ve got a couple hours to kill before class. Tuesday’s are the worst – I have to be on campus at 5:30 for my office hours. However, it’s super rare that anyone shows up for office hours, so I mainly use it to surf the internet. I ‘spose I could be doing something more productive – but meh, whaddya gonna do. It’s stressful enough talking for 90 minutes in front of kids who definitely don’t want to be there. I think teaching would be a lot better if I were teaching math to mathematicians, as they’d be at least interested in the material. These engineers, they all look up at me with bored, dead eyes and world-weary sighs.

Oh well – a job’s a job. And less than 10 hours of work a week isn’t bad at all.


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A ramble brought on by lack of release

I think implementing a new exercise plan, maybe I should’ve allowed for a rest day today. I’ve done two strenuous workouts in a row, and I’ve got another one coming up today. I’m feeling sorta tired for some reason – maybe the wake and bake didn’t help. (But how often do I get to W&B?) Anyhoo, the thing about the gym is, once I get started, then I’ll start enjoying it. But the big thing is getting there and starting. My whole body is like, “Nooooo! No workout, senor!” (My body is Spanish, apparently.) But I’ll get on that treadmill for my warmup and it’ll be all systems go. Plus, best part about working out in the afternoon is that it basically signals the end of my day. I can relax once I’m done my workout. (Well, I do have class tonight, but they’re writing a test, so it’ll be a good hour of internet surfing for me!)

However, we shall see. I am feeling somewhat tired, so I might have a little nap once I break away to do my reading right after this. I do my reading on my bed, and I think it might happen that’ll just fall right asleep. I suppose I should either do my reading at my desk, or just go straight to working out and do my reading later. But that’s what I’ve done for the past two days – do my workout before my reading – and as such, I’ve been too tired (or lazy) to read at night. (But not tired enough to fall right asleep, go figure. Lousy brain.)

Anyhoo – what else? Not much in the dating world to report. I’ve got a date Saturday afternoon – feeling pretty good about internalizing the idea that dating is a process, and I don’t need to be concerned about achieving my goal as soon as possible. This morning, I did some good work on my thesis – and I wasn’t distracted by dating concerns or suffering from a lack of focus. It’s been awhile since I’ve done good work like that, so I’m happy with my progress with my issues so far.

In the meantime though, as part of my self-discipline regimen, I’ve eliminated watching porn and masturbating regularly. As a result, I’m so easily distracted when I’m at school by any pretty girl walking by. I know that when I go to the gym in a bit, it’ll feel like I’ve been shot out of a cannon. Pretty crazy how much energy and vitality I can store up by not spanking it for a few days.

But the problem is that now it’s like I’m 13 again – I’ve got sex on the brain. When I’m focused in on work, then it’s pretty easy to work well and stay focused because I’ve got that energy driving me. But in my leisure time, or when I take a break – all I’m thinking about is sex. I’m sending out messages to some girls who may want to hook-up this weekend – we’ll see what happens. I’ve had many enjoyable one-night-stands in the past, and many regretful ones. So the key to a good hook-up, I think – is being honest about what’s going to happen, not promising anything to the other person, and making sure you get enough recent pictures so that you’re not surprised at who you’re meeting.

The other thing about not watching porn – is that I’ve started noticing how sexualized everything is. Ads on tv, pop-up ads, print ads – everything that’s successful at selling something will usually feature a hot, half-naked girl. Not that I’m complaining. But when there’s no release I can turn to, it’s a bit frustrating.

What else? I guess the biggest challenge I’m having right now is with my diet. It’s so easy to overeat – especially after my monster workouts. I added 20 mins of cardio at the end in order to burn more calories – but it’s a little fruitless if I’m just going to eat the results of my work. I think my big problem is that I’ve found that bread and butter is delicious, and goes with every meal. If I could cut out that one thing, I’d probably be doing a lot better.

Alas, goals are a lifelong process. And I’ll always keep trying, everyday, to be a little bit better than the day before.

Welp, that’s a cool 15. Time to do some goddamn deadlifts!

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A ramble about me and things and random stuff

A Sunday post? Oh man, now I’ve gone too far.

I’ve got these big wall calendars, and every day I do 15 minutes of writing on this blog, I put a big X on the calendar. Then, I try and see how many days in a row I can keep the streak going. I’ve heard this referred to as the “Seinfeld method”, but it may be called something else. Anyhoo, the genius of the Seinfeld method is, after that first day, you’ve got a big visual reminder of what you should do. Lemme tell ya, it’s very satisfying when that streak gets up there.

Hence, a Sunday post.

Sooo… what to write about. The Sens won yesterday – a 7-2 drubbing of the Edmonton Oilers. I doubt they’ll make the playoffs, but hope springs eternal.

What else… didn’t get any reading done yesterday. I started to read my policy book and then BLAMMO, lights out nap time. I’ll switch to 15 minutes per book – that should get me through it. Although it does mean I’m stuck reading Moby Dick for the time being. Hopefully cool stuff will happen soon.

I’m going to try out Parks and Recreation again as a show. I keep seeing youtube clips and imgur posts featuring hilarious bits from the show. I tried watching it previously, but found it pretty dull. However, I read online that if one is to watch P&R, it’s best to just start straight from Season 2, skipping the 6 or 8 episode piss poor season 1. And that’s what I’m-a-gonna do.

Man what else? Not much is going on. I’m on reading week this week, and so I’ll spend all week getting up early and working on my thesis. I do still have a pack of tests to mark, but with my brilliant “mark one question a day” strategy, I only have one question left to go. So I’ll take care of that tomorrow morning, then go hang out with my buddy Apple for lunch. He’s got a cutie-patootie kid which I call AppleJacks – and as long as I bring cookies everytime, I’ll be his favourite uncle!

Been watching some Bill Burr recently. He’s a funny dude. He’s got a great new special out that you should watch and/or purchase. It’s called “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” – and it’s shot in black and white for some reason.

In goal-related news, I managed to squeeze in 6 workouts last week – with one of the workouts being shoveling snow for 40+ minutes. Really, that’s 5 solid workouts – which is pretty darn good. The thing about fitness is that it’s achieved through consistency. As long as I keep to my daily 2000 calorie ceiling and workout regularly, sooner than later, I’m gonna look pretty darn good.

But maaaan. Am I sore and tired. I slept for like, 9 hours last night. I figure I’ve gotta eat a bit more, and sleep a bit more. But fitness is a life long challenge, and if I do a little each day, pretty soon I’ll achieve my goal. Then it’s about maintaining it for the next 50 years.

And that’s 15 minutes! Have a lazy, weed-filled Sunday!

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