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Reddit is Soma, Cartoons are Awesome.

Man, Slackeroosers. I’ve been slacking off with writing. Well, that’s what happens when you allow reddit on your computer. 

Since I went on Xmas break, I unblocked reddit from my computer and started surfing again. Man, big mistake. What an unquenchable time waster! You wouldn’t think you’d continually click links about crazy cats wearing people clothes, but you do! It’s nuts!

Then you discover subreddits, which you can edit so that all the news you see is tailored to your particular brand of biases. Wow! Why would you ever leave – just continual entertainment and articles which confirm your beliefs. It might as well rename itself to ‘’. 

Actually, that’s a fruckin’ good idea. Create a reddit clone which is called “” – and you construct the website in such a way that you get a constant feed of new pics, stories, etc… And of course it’d be all RSS fancy, so that new links would constantly get pushed up. Oh man, it’s not often I print out million dollar ideas on my blag [sic], but there it is.

Although, I’m not all that sure reddit makes any money, since they’re constantly begging for subscriptions. Plus, with its rapid expansion, it’s got to be sinking more and more cash into servers and disk space and nerds and such.

Anyhoo, I’ve been watching lots of awesome cartoons recently. Here’s a couple good titles: Bob’s Burgers, and Rick and Morty.

Bob’s Burgers is actually a lot better than I remember. I remember watching it when it first came out, but I didn’t think much of it at the time. 

So I downloaded it the other day and yeah – it’s pretty friggin solid. Tons of people voicing it: Kristen Schaal, H. Jon Benjamin (the voice of Archer), Eugene Mirman – with lots of guest voices, including Aziz Ansari, Megan Mulally and Kevin Kline who’ve had recurring roles. The colours are bright and vibrant – and the cartoon, while a bit messy (and not cartoonish), still looks pretty good in its own way.

The show’s about Bob and his wife Linda who try to run a burger restaurant while dealing with their 3 awkward children Tina, Gene and Louise. It’s a lot funnier than the plot makes it sound.

Then Rick and Morty is an explosive new standout, which talks about a boy Morty and his crazy uncle Rick. Their voiced by the same guy… some guy who’s name I’ve never heard of before and can’t remember now. But Morty lives with his family, and his parents are voiced by Chris Parnell and Sarah Chalke (aka: Becky number 2 and the blonde from Scrubs.) Chris Parnell always does great voicework, as evidence by his masterful role as Cyril Figgus on Archer.

Oh crapspackle! That reminds me that there’s a new episode of Archer that just aired! Apparently now the ISIS crew are all drug dealers, and so they’re having wacky adventures dealing drugs in Miami or something! Man – I’d better get to watching that.

Not to mention there’s the 3rd episode of Sherlock to watch – actually, that’ll be the end of the series for another two years or so. Still, new Sherlock! Huzzah!

Oh, I suppose I could also finish up my Tolkien nerdery. I finished The Hobbit – the book. It was alright – the Dwarf King dies after a big fight with goblins at the end, and he’s laid to rest with The Arkenstone. (Also, after reading the book, I can see now why Peter Jackson added in a bunch of extra stuff with goblins chasing them. There’s going to be a huge epic battle in the 3rd movie with goblins and Smaug and all sorts of shenanigans, I guarantee it!)



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