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A ramble about the holographic moon.

I’ve found the latest and greatest conspiracy that will interest me for some time, and that is, the moon is a hologram.

Sounds ridiculous, I know. Probably is. But late last night, after smoking some cannabis, I stumbled onto a youtube account in which the guy takes a lot of videos of the moon. In a couple videos, there appears to be a camera distortion effect which takes place – but upon further review, it indeed looks like it could be a real effect and not a video glitch. Here’s the link to the account in question:

I’m hoping that embed code works. For some reason, youtube seems to be touchy about what will and will not embed.

Regardless, I’m intrigued by this idea that the moon is a hologram. (Even as an intellectual exercise.) For quite some time, scientists have been speculating as to the unique properties of the moon. For starters, the moon is enormous. Out of all the planets in the solar system, Earth is the only one to have a moon about an eighth it’s size. The moon is bigger than Pluto!

There are various theories about how the moon was created. The leading one being that a meteor blasted into Earth a few billion years ago, when Earth was just molten rock, and busted the Earth in two – with the piece broken off being the Moon. Except that this doesn’t account for the vast differences in geology between Earth and the moon. Moreover, this meteor collision was so fortuitous, that the Moon just happened to be captured by Earth’s gravity perfectly – and didn’t fall into the sun or crash back into Earth.

There’s also the weird coincidence of the spacing of the moon, which allows for perfect solar eclipses every now and then. If the moon were a different size, or had a slightly different orbit, these eclipses wouldn’t be as perfect as they are. Also, there’s the startling fact that when we observe meteors (or micrometeorites) crashing into the Moon, the Moon tends to, “… ring like a bell.” This suggests either the moon is hollow, or has a vastly different geological makeup than otherwise suspected. (However, after checking my sources, it appears that this “rings like a bell” phenomenon was recorded by instruments set up on the Apollo missions. Since the Apollo missions were all faked, this piece of information is therefore suspect.)

Anyhoo, this conspiracy is one which I’ll be delving into today. As with any conspiracy, I’ll have to wade through loads of faulty information and disinformation to get at the truth. I love these unbelievably wacky conspiracies – moon is a hologram, Earth is hollow, etc… And even though they are probably overwhelmingly false, it’s still a fun way to spend an afternoon.



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