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A Monday ramble on planning and productivity

Having a much better day today productivity-wise. Got up without hitting snooze, did my goals, then 3 pages of notes for class, then exercise, do my piano, now I’m onto writing. There’s been very little dilly-dally today, I’ve been focused on getting my goals done as efficiently as possible.

Anyhoo, I think the key to a great day is to be productive first thing. If I can manage to get up and get going, then as my feelings follow my actions, I instantly feel more productive. And when I’m productive, I want to carry those feelings through me for the rest of the day, rather than just slack off. It’s like the snowball effect – doing just a little something in the morning to be productive will get me going for the rest of the day, like a snowball rolling down a hill.

After my writing, I’ll read my book for 30 minutes before working on my thesis. If I can manage to keep my head down while I do my math, and not watch tv or surf the net or anything, then it’ll be a nice and productive day. My math “to do” is to edit 4 pages of my thesis. But editing the thesis is somewhat tedious – so we’ll see what I do. My plan is to do head down math until 8:00pm, at which time I can relax. That’ll probably mean around 4 good hours working on my thesis. If I can get in a consistent groove on my non-teaching days, then I’ll be done this sucker in no time.

Actually, what I should be doing is spending as much time as possible on my thesis. I think I’ll uninstall Tinder and just focus on fitness and work for the next little while. I’d rather be in a better position career-wise before going on dates and getting serious with anyone. Of course, I could go out on dates just to practice going out on dates… so maybe I’ll hold off on deleting Tinder. But for sure, I’m going to try and spend a majority of my time on my thesis from now on, until it’s done.

And fitness – well, the only thing I really need to improve for fitness is my diet. I’ve been doing really well as far as exercising consistently, and doing around 4-5 workouts a week. If I could stick to a caloric ceiling on a consistent basis, I’d start losing all that pesky belly fat.

Yup. I think I’m going to focus on those two things for the next little while: thesis and diet. Of course, focusing on a diet just means “not eating whatever the hell I want”, which is my current diet. It’s all about prepping my meals for the week, measuring out my portions and counting calories. Thing is though, in the past when I’ve done this, I’ve felt great during the day. Good workouts, lots of energy – so there’s certainly benefits to eating well that I’m not enjoying. Another reason to focus on diet for the next little while.

I will say this though – I’m getting pretty darn good at piano. I need to start a new piano book, because as soon as I learn “Amazing Grace”, I’m done with Alfred’s Piano Book Vol 1.

What else? I was recently binge-watching House – but I’m somewhere near the end of Season 7 and getting pretty sick of it. House and Cuddy have this on-again/off-again relationship, and so I’m guessing Season 8 is all about their wedding and the final episode is one of them dying (or Wilson) at the wedding. Calling it right now. But we’ll see – I’ve no real appetite to watch that show again.

I’m currently catching up with the current season of Bob’s Burgers. I’ve got, like, 6 new episodes to watch, so I am stoked for this evening when I will be done all my goals and can veg out and watch some tv. Yeah!


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A ramble about monthly goals and mini-goals. Goals goals goals!

Man, wordpress keeps changing their layout – pick one and stick with it a’eady!

Anyhoo, feeling much better and more energetic today. I think my going to bed early and getting close to 10 hours sleep helped.

(Aside: Ugh – maybe it’s my web browser. I’m using “Opera” and so maybe there’s issues there. I hope not, or this post is gonna turn into a rant about how much I hate this layout.)

Anyhoo… I was able to create some monthly goals this morning, which leaves me feeling better about myself as well. I’ve had goals I want to achieve for awhile, and I’ve been working towards them, but lately I’ve felt like I’ve been caught up in the day-to-day monotony, and not focusing on the big picture. With my monthly goals, I’ve got a target to shoot for at the end of the month – and I’m hoping this will keep me more focused and more disciplined.

The way I’ve structured my goals, is that I have my ultimate goals that I’m shooting for, and then for each pillar (Health, Love, Math, Fortune, Fame) I’ve got a plan on how to achieve each ultimate goal. Then, I’ve broken down the plan into a series of mini-goals, and so now I’ve got a target to hit for each month to help me achieve my next mini-goal.

Wanna hear my monthly targets and mini-goals? Of course you do!

For health, my next mini-goal is to have a body fat percentage <=12% by November 5th, 2015. So my monthly goal is to cut my body fat %-age by 0.5% every month. The plan is to achieve that through diet, exercise and sleep.

For Love, my next mini-goal is to develop an abundance mentality when it comes to women, by November 5th, 2015. So my monthly goal is to go out with 5 new women every month. The plan is to basically accomplish this through Tinder, but then practice NoFap (to increase my sexual energy) and 15 minutes of daily mediation (to reduce anxiety and develop patience.)

For math, my next mini-goal is to get my PhD by Sep 1, 2015. In order to do this, I need my thesis written in good by June 1st (June 15th at about the latest.) Hence, my plan is to write 4 pages of thesis everyday.

For fortune, my next mini-goal is to earn over $100,000 a month, by November 5th, 2025. Plenty of time for this one, my plan right now is to save $250-500 a month until I get my PhD and a salaried position somewhere.

For fame, my next mini-goal is to perform comedy in front of 1000 people, by November 5th, 2020. So my monthly plan is to go to amateur night at Yuk Yuk’s every night, and work for 30 minutes everyday to create content for my comedy.

Now that I think about it, some of my far-off goals need to be broken down a bit more. Especially fame and fortune. Certainly, for health, I’ve got my plan broken down pretty well. Love, it’s a bit more nebulous, but (especially due to my work and living arrangements), I think just going on lots of dates for now is probably fine. Math is also pretty straight forward. I would say Fame and Fortune could use a lot more breaking down into finer details.

That’s the thing about goals – and one reason why I like writing about my goals every day. By taking the time to write out my plan, I can see where it’s weak and where things need to be fleshed out. If I hadn’t have taken the time to do that, I never would’ve found it out. (Or it would’ve taken me longer to find out.)

Anyhoo – the thing about the monthly goals is that I think I’ll be better able to relax at the end of the evening. Lately, I’ve been feeling guilty whenever I wasn’t working on my thesis. But now that I’ve got a plan, I can feel good about myself at the end of the day once I’ve accomplished all my goals. Further, I can now enjoy my relaxation guilt free. Huzzah!

Of course, some of that guilt may be artificial anxiety, but one thing at a time.

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