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A ramble about the magic drink

Whoo – it smells like farts in here.

So I’ve got a cold – which is a bummer. Not so much a runny nose, but sore throat – and kind of a lump in my throat. Swallowing is difficult. But never fear, because I’ve got the ultimate cure for a sore throat and it’s called a magic drink. Ready for the recipe?

  • One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • One tablespoon of honey

Mix the ingredients in hot water and drink it. The honey soothes the throat, and apple cider vinegar is medicine for white people. Whenever I get sick, I spend a majority of my day drinking magic drinks. Honestly, I get better so much faster, it’s amazing.

Anyhoo – tonight’s my first calculus class. I’ve got some notes ready and we’ll see how it goes. It’s calculus for Engineers – so I’m assuming most of the students are good at math. Because Engineers need to be good at math. I’m a bit concerned that my first lecture will be a bit easy – but better to start off easy than hard, that’s what I say. The first week is a basic review anyway – so we’ll go over sets, the structure of numbers, the laws of algebra, and then onto functions. There’s about 40 kids in the class, so this is my first real big class. I’m excited, because I get to be the whole show – it should be fun.

But in the meantime, Tuesdays (and I’m assuming Thursday’s as well) are a bit hectic. I’ll get up around 9, do goals until about 10 – then do math until 2:00, then piano, reading and writing and it’s time to go to class. Which means that if I’m going to exercise, I’ll have to do it late at night. Which is both good and bad – it’s good, because that’s a great way to fall asleep. But bad, because I want to do nothing but veg out once I get home from school. I think, because I’ve got a cold, I’ll be skipping the exercise today. I imagine, in the future, I’ll do the opposite – do some exercise as soon as I get up, then piano and the rest of it, so that hopefully I’m done everything by about 2:00pm, and then I can do math for the rest of the day until it’s time for class.

The funny thing is, I feel really bad about skipping a workout. I’ve tried to instill the habit of daily exercise, and for the most part I have – so when I have to skip a scheduled workout, I feel terribly guilty. I suppose I shouldn’t, because I’m sick – but I do. I guess this goes back to the idea that I need to be content with what I can accomplish during the day – and have patience, because I don’t get fit overnight. After all, exercise is a thing I plan on doing for the rest of my life – so one day off wont kill me. Although, I may do some cardio when I get home, we’ll see…

In the meantime – I’ve been binge-watching House MD. Oh man, I forgot how much I love House’s snarkiness – makes me want to be all snarky myself. Really, it’s a detective show – the whole thing is a modern takeoff on Sherlock Holmes – and boy oh boy do I love detective shows. In another life, I think I would’ve made an awesome police detective – there’s nothing better than figuring things out. Of course, I’m a mathematician, so I suppose that follows.

Although, I will say this about House – for all his brilliance, he doesn’t handle rejection very well. This is what I’ve gleamed from the first season – maybe later on he gets a bit more emotionally mature – but when it comes to any sort of relationship, it’s like he’s a 13-year old needy teenager. I think later on in the series these types of things will become more nuanced, but as it happens, it’s pretty clumsy the way the show handles House and his relationships.

Anyhoo – summer has arrived. It’s about 20 degrees out, the sun is shining, and I’ve had my windows open for the past week. Bring on the nice weather man! A nice, lazy summer awaits!


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A grey, dreary goals ramble

Bleah. I was sick yesterday, and still sorta am today. And it’s a grey, rainy day out, and I’m just feeling bleah.

However, the good news is that I’ll soon be better, and I can get back to working on my goals. Lately, I’ve found that I’ve been uninspired. I think this is because I’m so very close to achieving my PhD goal. I’ve read that it’s often very hard to complete a task 100%, and people usually stop at 90% or 95% done. I think that’s what I’m feeling. My thesis will take another month (or more) to write, and I’m not really super-stoked about that. So what I plan to do, today, is what I’ve been threatening to do for awhile now, and that’s write out my goals, complete with mini-goals along the way. Of course, I will do this off-site – and you’ll probably hear about it tomorrow. But for now, totally bleah.

I think I probably just need one more good sleep to get back to normal. I don’t feel nauseated or have a sore throat, just no energy, and my muscles are weirdly sore. I ‘unno. Maybe get to bed early tonight and see how that works for me.

But in the meantime we’ve got to get this blog post written.

I ‘unno what to write about. Not much going on. I was sick all yesterday – didn’t do anything on Saturday aside from play Factorio. (Aside: Oh man, Factorio is soooo addictive. It’s all about creating supply chains to automate stuff – sounds dull, and probably would be were I a normal person. But I’m a mathematician, so my weirdness quotient is allowed to be super high.) Anyhoo, once I create goals for myself, taking a day off seems like such a waste. It’s hard to enjoy the things I once did, mostly ’cause I feel guilty for not working on my goals. I think setting up monthly mini-goals will help – for if I achieve all my daily goals, then I don’t need to feel guilty about enjoying my time off.

The ideal day, according to (I think) Ben Franklin, is 8 hours of work, 8 hours of play and 8 hours of sleep. What I think I’ll go back to is getting all my goals accomplished first thing – and then once all the items on my “ToDo” list are checked off, I’ll begin the serious task of playing video games, etc… I very much enjoy the idea of a rigid, daily schedule. That’s why I think I’d do so well in the army – they tell you exactly what you have to do, you just have to show up.

Meh – it’s no fun being sick – or without energy. I haven’t worked out since Wednesday. I took Thursday off because I was tired from waking up in the morning – and then I went out at night with J3, and that followed through to Friday, but then I went out Friday with collegues and so that carried through to Saturday, and then yesterday I was sick. It’s funny how skipping one workout can lead to terrible results. I’m looking forward to feeling better and getting back at it.

Oh well – one of the things I definitely need to work on is patience towards my goals. I want to be in peak physical condition TODAY! I want a deep emotional connection with someone, TONIGHT!! I want to have my PHD, TOMORROW!! I will gradually learn the lesson of patience. One thing I will start trying is 15 minutes of meditation in the mornings. Currently, I do 15 minutes of visualization with respect to my goals. I think I will add 15 minutes of meditation afterwards. I keep reading about the benefits of meditation – including a sense of well being, a sense of calm and acceptance. I think I need that in my life. With my artificial anxiety, I can use all the help I can get in establishing a sense of calm.

I would also like to establish a better sense of purpose. I keep wasting time surfing the net and/or playing with my phone when I should be working. I need to get better at head-down math and keeping my mind focused on work. I think meditation can probably help with this as well.

Anyhoo – that’s a cool 15. No dates lined up for this week – but it’s Easter weekend, so that might be tough to do. I’m seeing J3 next week, so that’s cool. She’s fun to be around, pretty and a great kisser. So there’ll certainly be a report about that in the coming future.

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