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Superbowl recap and how Butler’s interception relates to goals.

Wow! What a friggin SuperBowl! Seattle is on the 1 yard line, has 1 timeout left, there’s 30 seconds left in the game and it’s 2nd and goal. With 3 seconds left on the play clock, they hut the ball and… THROW IT!! AND IT’S INTERCEPTED!!!

Holy crackers! What a hell of an ending. Seattle had made it down to the red-zone on a MIRACLE catch by Jermaine Kearse. They cut to Tom Brady’s face on the sideline when that happened, and his expression read, “I’m gonna get beaten by another impossible catch?”

After Kearse catches the ball, it’s 1st and 10 on about the 9 yard line. They hand off to Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch, and he gets them to the 1-yard line. 2nd and goal from the 1. There’s about 1:20 left in the game, and it’s a terrible place for Belichek to be in, because he’s only got 1 time out left (or he might’ve had 2), and then it’s about when do you use them. Then there’s under 5 seconds left in the play clock, and so that discussion about timeouts is moot, because here comes the snap and the predictable handoff to Lynch, who will presumably be running behind the fullback and barreling into the end zone, winning the game for Seattle.

But Seattle instead opts to throw-it. And the Rookie from outta nowhere Butler proceeds to intercept the ball. He’s gonna be a SuperBowl hero for a long time in New England.

An interesting thing about Butler. After the game ended, and everyone arose from their pizza and beer induced stupor, I saw a clip of Butler being interviewed. He said a couple of times how he visualized himself making a big play.

I found that an interesting statement. He “visualized” making a big play – that is precisely what people who talk about goals say to do. On the self-confidence formula by Napoleon Hill, it specifically states:

I realize the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action and gradually transform themselves into physical reality; therefore, I will concentrate my thoughts for thirty minutes daily, upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become, thereby creating in my mind a clear mental picture.

Sadly, when it comes to my own goals, I don’t do this. I rarely, if ever, visualize what I want to accomplish, or intend to become. I think that I should make that my habit to develop in February. In January, I developed the habit of waking up early. (In fact, I woke up today at 6:00am, despite going to bed late and setting my alarm for 7:00. I’d say that habit has stuck!) Thus, for February, I will focus on getting up early, then immediately doing my goals, and 30 minutes of visualization afterwards.

Sounds like a plan!


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A ramble about AppleJacks, Factorio and the Superb Owl.

Man O man – still haven’t found time to watch gotham. And now I’m two episodes behind with one last night. Just been out and about, I guess. I was at my buddy Apple’s last night for dinner – he’s got two cutie-patootie kids, one thats under a year old, and one who’ll turn 3 on Wednesday. It’s amazing how much energy kids have – after dinner the 3 year old played a game called “monster”, where Apple and I took turns acting like a monster while little AppleJacks (that’s his name) ran away screaming. But that quickly devolved into either I or Apple carrying him around while the other chased me. I unno how long we played – maybe 5 – 10 mins, maybe a bit more – but MAN! This kid was back and forth, energy like a ping-pong ball. Amazing.

Anyhoo, Apple recommended a game called Factorio – link nyah. The trailed looks pretty stupendous. Apparently it’s a supply chain management type of game, which I am really, really good at. So I could easily love this crazy game. I’ll be doing a live playthrough review of the demo for my youtube channel, and I’ll probably talk about that tomorrow. Oh man! I’m stoked – I love discovering a brand new game.

Of course, I don’t really have too much free time – what the writing of my PhD thesis and all. Plus, will all the Tinderfacesnappin, all my free time is spent on my phone.

Welp, we’ll see – I wisely cancelled on a date tonight so I could relax. Too much socializing is too much for me – I love being alone. Everything quiet with no noise – awesome. That’s what I especially like about getting up so early. No one else is up, not even the sun, so I can just enjoy the peace and quiet by myself in the dark and drink coffee.

Man – someone left a comment on my blog which I thought was pretty funny (crude, but funny) and so I’ll link to it.

I listened to what I could handle of all of your favorite songs. To me, and I’m not biased at all, in fact DynamoHumm by Frank Kappa has been an all-time favorite of mine, I must say, your list gave me an equal sensation as to that of which I would imagine would be forcibly having a 800lb circus lady, unshaven, unbathed, naked and sweaty, sitting,…straddling my face with meat flaps open, and extraordinarily farting with immense built up pressure, wet PUSSY poppers into my mouth, down my throat, into my belly, and finally out my ass, at which time it would be bottled, and at a later time, forced into my system for a second time.

Could I possibly be more accurate?

If there’s a queef joke that isn’t funny, I haven’t heard it.

Superbowl comin’ up this Sunday. Patriots against the Seahawks. Seahawks (which is an incredibly awkward thing to type) won last year – and Tom Brady has lost the past 2 previous Super Bowl’s he’s been in. If Tom Brady can throw the ball, then the Pats win. If Marshawn Lynch can break a few beastly runs, then I think the Seahawks win it. Seahawks defense is just too good, I think.

I’m probably going for Tom Brady and the Pats. I like the Seahawks, and that miraculous win against Green Bay was something special, but for some reason I just like the Pats. I ‘unno, maybe it’s because Tom Brady is so handsome – or that I feel bad for them to losing twice to Eli Manning. I ‘unno – hoping for the Pats.

But, I mean, that could change mid-game, who knows. Point is, I’m gonna each a whoooole bunch of pizza and chips and stuff, after dieting and exercising all this week. So I ask you, which one of us is truly insane?

Not me! I got this!

Not me! I got this!

PS: I should give credit to that quote. So full credit to user Max Cohen, whoever you are.

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PSH on the opium trail.

Welp, that was a pretty disappointing performance yesterday by Peyton Manning. All I really wanted was an exciting game – blowouts are super-boring. And so that’s what that game was, ultimately – super-boring.

But on the plus side, I ate pulled pork, chicken wings, nachos, jalapeno poppers and a couple beer. It was a mighty meat-eating day, and that’s what it’s all about.

Anyhoo, back on the ol’ diet trail today. Of course, there’s plenty of leftovers from yesteday – but my diet is just maintaining a 2000 calorie ceiling, so I can eat whatever I want, as long as I stay below 2000 calories. Pretty glorious, as I had eggs and pulled pork for lunch today. Yowza is that ever good! Pulled pork is a pretty awesome dish.

Anyhoo, what else is going on in the world? Well, Phillip Seymour Hoffman died yesterday from a heroin overdose. As far as ways to die go, that’s a pretty stupid way to go. Especially if you’re 46, as PSH was. It’s not like he was a rock star who lived fast and died young. And judging by his weight, it’s not like he had been addicted to heroin for long – I mean, there aren’t a hell of a lot of fat heroin addicts walking around. Also, since PSH was rich, why couldn’t he afford some upper-grade heroin? The rumors I hear are that he shot up with a bad batch of heroin. I mean, hey, just go straight for opium or morphine or something. 

Fun fact time! Did you know that heroin is a brand name? That’s right! Heroin was invented by Bayer in 1895. Well, I say invented – that’s not particularly accurate. Heroin is some sort of opiate derivative, and was first synthesized in the late 1800’s. But it was Bayer who had the clever idea of calling it heroin and selling it. This is a funny quote from the article: 

[Heroin] was developed chiefly as a morphine substitute for cough suppressants that did not have morphine’s addictive side-effects. Morphine at the time was a popular recreational drug, and Bayer wished to find a similar but non-addictive substitute to market. However, contrary to Bayer’s advertising as a “non-addictive morphine substitute,” heroin would soon have one of the highest rates of dependence among its users.

Good ol’ heroin! That’ll help you shake that pesky morphine habit.

Anyhoo, that’s the big celebrity gossip that’s going on today. I think the death of PSH is more tragic than, say, the death of Paul Walker, primarily because PSH was such a better actor than Walker. Sure, Walker may have been mourned by fangirls of 2 fast 2 furious – but PSH was such a versatile actor, that anyone who likes movies can almost be guaranteed to have seen him in something. I mean, he was in Boogie Nights, Twister, The Big Lebowski… That’s just off the top of my head. If I bothered to check IMDB, I’m sure there’s plenty of other great movies he was in.

So… yeah. PSH. Dead from heroin. Fool.

One thing I read on the interwebs was, of course, a conspiracy concerning PSH’s death. The story goes like this: PSH acted in a movie called, “The Master”, which was loosely based on the life of L. Ron Hubbard. Naturally, Scientologists, being the crazy cult that they are, took exception to this performance, and set up PSH to die somehow. Since it’s a conspiracy, there’s no more info (or tangible evidence) than this. But if I had to expand on this conspiracy, then I would guess that Scientology somehow got to PSH’s heroin dealer, and managed to slip him some doctored stuff. Then PSH spikes up and dies from the toxic heroin. (I mean, more toxic than just the heroin itself.)

But that’s all complete, wild-ass conjecture – not even conjecture, it’s just made up information that I thought up to complete the conspiracy. Don’t come after me, Scientologists. I’m sure you didn’t have PSH killed – although I sure as hell wouldn’t put it past you assholes.


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Super Sunday: A ramble about discipline and stuff about me and junk

It’s super Sunday! Although the Jesusians will argue that every Sunday is super Sunday with Jesus – but we all know that’s not true. It’s just a Sunday filled with guilt and itchy church pants.

Anyhoo – big game today! Broncos play the Seahawks! Like an expectant mother, I’m just hoping for a happy, healthy game. 

On the one hand, I’m sorta rooting for the Broncos. I like Peyton Manning, he’s been on a tear all year, and I’d like to see him win a couple more Lombardi trophies before he retires. On the other hand, I like the Seahawks – I like Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch, I like a good defensive team. Both Sidney Rice & Percy Harvin (who are injured) used to play for the Vikes. 

Regardless, let’s just hope for a game full of razzle dazzle and non-stop action! (And no sandbagging the game with “electrical failures”.)

What else – welp, I had a setback with my health last Monday, as I had to go to the hospital at night with abdominal pain. It was pretty severe – enough to get a morphine shot. But then the pain went away, so I went home. I got a follow-up ultrasound this Friday and I’ve been sorta discombobulated since then. Not to mention my prof wanted me to give a talk last Friday (two days ago) but then canceled the talk the night before. Hectic.

Anyhoo, looking forward to a good game tonight, then back on track tomorrow with goals and exercise. I can’t go back to my trainer at the gym until I get the all clear from my doctor on Friday – so I’ll do 30 minutes on the treadmill and some bodyweight exercises.

My whole sorta ‘deal’ now is to be practicing self-discipline everyday as much as I can. I have 5 self-disciplines I want to practice everyday.

  1. Get up self-discipline: Get up as soon as my alarm goes off. No hitting snooze or sleeping in. My bed is so unbelievably comfy, and I’d rather laze around for 2 or 3 hours. But the key to self-discipline is doing something you’d rather not do, so if I can start my day like that, all the better.
  2. Goals self-discipline: Develop the self-discipline to do all of my goals on my ToDo list before I surf the net, play video games, etc…
  3. Grooming self-discipline: I work mostly from home, and this can lead to getting lazy. So I want to make sure that everyday I have my shower, floss/brush/mouthwash my teeth, and wear proper clothes (no sweatpants) while I’m working.
  4. Exercise self-discipline: Do a baseline workout everyday – this means 30 minutes on the treadmill, 3 sets of pushups, bodyweight squats and deadlifts. This workout should be done anytime I’m not going to Goodlife to see my trainer. Obviously this week I’ll be taking it easy, but I think 30 minutes of walking and some basic movements shouldn’t kill me.
  5. Journal self-discipline: In order to stay motivated and keep track of my thoughts, I want to be writing in my journal everday.

So those are the major self-disciplines I’ll be working on. The best thing about self-discipline is that the more you practice it, the easier it gets. And the more self-discipline you can develop, the more self-esteem and self-confidence you develop as well. Only good things can come from working on self-discipline, so that’ll be my focus for the next little while.

But what’s this, fierce and passionate reader? You don’t care what’s going on in my life? That’s not why you’re reading my personal blog? Well why don’t I wrap up with some TV shenanigans.

I’ve been watching Community for the past couple of days. It’s pretty good. The writing is very clever, and it’s often meta and self-aware. But it suffers from predictable sit-comness, in that every handsome male gets feelings for every pretty female. Not to mention all the characters are rapidly becoming caricatures of themselves. (I think that trope is called Flanderization.) But there’s plenty of mental candy for the keen-eyed viewer, as many of the jokes are callbacks to previous episodes and there’s lots of Easter Eggs and such. Overall I’d say it’s a B+ – it’d get an A if they stopped shoe-horning relationship drama into every episode. But that’s my personal preference

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Mostly harmless 2: Mostlier harmlesslier

What’s this, gentle reader? A post on a Sunday?

Why are readers assumed to be gentle? Whenever I see the phrase, “… gentle reader,” in a book, I always picture a big, tough biker reading the book. Why gentle? Where the hell’s that come from? Why not fierce, or man-handed? Gentle, bleargh.

Anyhoo, it’s Sunday and I’ve got the house to myself so I’m gloriously high, just after noon.

When I’m high I generally love to do math. I love thinking about the intricacies involved with various math problems, especially when high. 

Right now I’m working on the following problem: (pa x + dy)^2, where a and d are coprime to p, for some prime p; x and y are variables. If y is fixed, then as x runs through all residue classes modulo p, the first term within brackets are all congruent to 0 mod p. I need to either figure out a way to rewrite my statement so that …

Eh, y’know what – I think maybe writing about math is less exciting than me, a mathematician, thinking about it. So why don’t we just move on.

I’ve got my own youtube channel, called Gaming with Greg or something like that, where I do a bunch of “Let’s Play!”‘s – which involves me playing a video game and talking during the action. It’s a challenge to be talking while playing, especially while trying to be entertaining, so I find it fun. My buddy Apple watches ’em and he enjoys ’em, so that’s cool too. 

Anyhoo, I just finished my Orcs Must Die! 2 series last night. If you haven’t played Orcs Must Die! or Orcs Must Die! 2, I think you should. They’re awesome! It’s all cartoony graphics, and it’s a 3rd person shooter tower defense game. It’s righteous!

But at first when I started my OMD2 series, I was still of the mindset that OMD was better. I loved OMD, I must’ve played and replayed it 10 times before OMD2 came out. Then OMD2 was released – and since it wasn’t exactly like OMD, I didn’t really like it. But after having done my Let’s Play! series, I’ve gotta say that OMD2 is maybe the better game.

The graphics are notably better than OMD1. Like, a lot better. Plus OMD2 has a ton more enemies and weapons. In fact, all the weapons that are for offer in the spellbook don’t even show up in the main game!

What I mean is, in original OMD, after you won a level you got a new trap. And at the end of the game, you had collected all the traps. But in OMD2, although you win a new trap after you pass a level, at the end of the game, you still haven’t collected all the traps! Madness!

What’s more, OMD2 has the 2 characters – there’s the War Mage and the Sorceress, each of which have unique weapons! The replayability is just like… guuuueeeeeaaaauggghh!

That previous sentence should be read in the voice of Randy Marsh.

So yeah, lovin’ OMD2. Since it’s Sunday, I’ll probably play a bunch more this afternoon.

No football on this aft – but Superbowl next Sunday! Oh man, I don’t really know if I’m going for the Seahawks or the Broncos. On the one hand, Peyton Manning, but on the other hand, Seattle’s defense. CRAP this is going to be a good game!

Or not, it could be a blowout or a snoozefest. We’ll see – that’s why they play the game!


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