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A ramble about the thesis

Well, I was pretty slackadaisical yesterday with my writing. Tell you the truth, after my workout I spent the rest of the day working on my thesis. I think that’s probably what’s gonna happen on MWF from now on. Get up – do my notes for class, exercise, then spend the rest of the day working on my thesis. Lemme tell ya – a thesis is a very time-consuming thing. Especially a math one – my thesis is about 140 pages at the moment, and I’m in the process of going through each page, cleaning up the language, making sure things make sense, adding in explanation wherever necessary, adding sources… Guh. It takes a long time. But it’s the one huge obstacle I have to overcome before I can get my PhD, get a good job, and move outta my  parents house, so that’ll be my main focus for the next little while.

My secondary focus is exercise. My diet has been on point for the past couple days, and I’m committed to staying below 2000 calories every day. One habit I picked up is having a fruit & vegetable smoothie at the end of the day. I make my smoothie with coconut water, and then a bunch of green vegetables and fruit. It tastes… y’know, vegetable-y. But it’s a great way to get  a lot of vitamins, plus it’s a good meal to have at the end of the day. I start my day with a protein shake with vegetable powder, and I end it with more fruits and vegetables. I’m sure that’s probably good for me. And I have two meals in between – oatmeal and peanut butter, and eggs and sausage. In between the eggs and sausage and my protein shake, I get close to 75g of protein a day – which is my limit as protein is hard on the kidney.

Anyhoo, there’s not much else going on. Tonight I’m teaching my class – and it’s going ok so far. But man, it sure seems like a lot of those kids are bored during class. I don’t get it! Math is exciting! Maybe I feel this way because I’m a mathematician.

What else? Well – I guess I never actually wrote down my 5 week goals like I said I was going to. I think I might make me some June goals – as I think I did well in April when I had 5 specific targets to shoot for. And June is right around the corner, so that seems like a logical progression. Ok, that’s the plan!

Umm… Yeah. Not too much else going on. My main focuses day to day are getting my exercise in, then spending the rest of the day working on math. And in the evenings, I hit the bong in order to make the tediousness of writing a thesis more tolerable.

I’m hoping that by the end of the summer, I’ll be done my thesis. It really takes a lot longer than I was expecting – plus I was dilly-dallying a bit at the beginning of May – getting adjusted to my new class and whatnot. But now it’s all math all the time. Gotta couple months of hard, tedious work and then I’ll get my friggin PhD. Like in goals, I have to resist the temptation to quit at 95% done – and instead worry about finishing strong. Plowing through this thesis, defending the sucker, and then living the easy life of a professor.

Well, we’ll see how long it takes me to become a prof. There’s always the option of going to work for the government. But, having worked in an office, I’d much rather take a low salary in exchange for loads of free time. The odds of me working a 9-5 office job are pretty goddamn slim at this point.

Anyhoo – that’s a tight 15. Maybe another ramble tomorrow – maybe the next one is on Tuesday. We’ll see!


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A spacey, lazy ramble about finishing my thesis

Oh man – two beers last night and my stomach is not at all happy today. I think I will try going no alcohol for May as a goal – just to see if I can.

Some sad news – my brother’s dog Mack (AKA: Honey Bunches) has a cancerous tumor on his ribs. Mack’s got to have an operation on Tuesday to get rid of it, and we’ll see how much the cancer has spread. So we’re all hoping Honey Bunches can make a full recovery after Tuesday.

It’s looking likely that I’ll skip a workout today. I ‘unno, maybe I will go do one right after this post. I’m feeling sorta bleah – but that probably means that’s the best time to go to the gym.

This thesis is starting to stress me out. I’ve been pretty good about doing 4 pages a day during the month of April – my thesis is 132 pages right now, in rough – but May 1st is coming up quick. I think I’ll have to pull a couple of long days tomorrow and Thursday in order to get it done.

See, what I’m thinking, since the rents are gone – is I roll myself a couple doobers, put my headphones on, load up all the albums of The Mars Volta, and then work on my thesis until I go to bed. In fact, I think that’s how I should be spending my nights from now on – instead of looking at pictures on the internet or playing Hearthstone, I’m thinking I should be spending a significant amount of time on my thesis.

One common problem with goals is that it’s easy to make it to 95% and then quit. The temptation to quit when you’re almost done is very strong. That’s why it’s important to finish something 100%.

Therefore, I think I should really start focusing in on my thesis. I’m very, VERY close to having a PhD and being called doctor, and probably getting a sweet professor gig somewhere. So I should really focus on spending the most time everyday working on this last 5% of my goal.

So that’s gonna be the plan. I’ll probably start that May 1st – so it’ll tie into my May monthly goals.

Oh right – today was gonna be about Game of Thrones. I spaced on that – I’ll do that tomorrow for Wicked Wednesday.

Yup – spacing out ’cause I smoked some cannbis – and it’s super nice out for a change, a bright sunny day. Short post.

Anyhoo, I think I’m gonna gut it out and go do a workout – then try and work on my thesis a little for the evening. That’s the plan.

EDIT: I did do a workout, and I feel much better as a result. I just realized that you can see when I workout through my Twitter feed on the right hand side of this blog. If you’re looking for inspiration to workout, I’d recommend trying Fitocracy. There’s something motivating about getting points for a workout, and the trying to beat that score next workout!

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A 4/20 ramble about goals, and I’m not even stoned

Welp, the Sens are down 3-0 in their series against Montreal. It’s not looking good for them – next game is Wednesday, so we’ll see how that goes.

Anyhoo – what’s going on? Today’s 4/20 and I’m not even high yet! What kind of travesty is that! It will be officially 4:20pm in 7 minutes – oh well, I’ll get stoned later.

Had a date with J3 on Saturday. Took her out to dinner then went back to her place. It was good. I’m still not overinvesting my feelings or putting her in the girlfriend role – just taking my sweet time, and so far, my anxiety is a lot less than it was. So that’s good.

On the other hand, I had a date setup for Sunday – but I was so tired from staying up late with J3 that I cancelled on her. That’s probably not a great decision – I should be keeping my options open and dating other women. But I seem to be matching with girls on Tinder on a regular basis, so I’m not terribly concerned.

One thing I am getting better at is developing patience. I realize that it will take a long time to achieve my goals, so I will focus on getting the most out of every day, and working hard until I finish my goals.

The one thing I am getting frustrated with is my thesis. Near the end of my thesis there’s a long section on a thing called “number of solutions” – which is an application of my work. But it’s super messy, and not at all elegant like my principal theory. I think I will basically get everything done in my thesis except for the “number of solutions” part, and then do that last. It’s probably the most tricky.

The rest of the thesis is looking good. I’m at 116 pages or so. I’d say I’ve got a majority of the information down, now it’s just a matter of editing and making sure I’ve got enough references. I will still try my damnedest to get a rough copy done by May 1st – especially since I’ll have to start writing notes for my summer class, which will take a fair amount of time.

What else? Haven’t watched the new episode of GoT yet – that’ll be tonight. I have been watching Daredevil – the Netflix version, and it’s pretty good. It’s gritty and realistic, so I like it – despite the (alleged) comedic persona of Foggy. Also, the actor who plays Daredevil is Irish, and that accent slips through from time to time. But aside from that, it’s pretty good. I mean, hey, it’s television – something to do at the end of the day when all my goals are done.

Because, lemme tell ya, after my workout today, I’m feeling like I need some vegging out time. I switched up my routine so that I do heavy lifts (squats or deadlifts) on MWF and medium lifts (bench, bo rows, seated press) on Tu/Th. I like the idea of lifting 5 days a week, but it can be tiring. My schedule right now is to get up – take my time waking up, do my goals, drink coffee, then do my workout. Once that’s done, I get started on my math for the day. Then do my fun stuff afterwards (piano, writing, reading), then I’ve got the rest of the day to myself.

But I’m thinking I should do a little math before my workout – something like, half the math that I need to do that day. Because math is my primary struggle during the day (as writing a thesis is very tedious), so I feel I need to break it up into manageable chunks. Further, if I have a killer workout and I’m useless for the rest of the day, then at least I’ve done something.

As always, though, I’m trying to develop self-discipline. So instead, I think I should be more focused on getting my goals done for the day rather than figuring out easier ways to do it. Well, I ‘unno… there’s no law that says I can’t work smarter, not harder. We’ll see…

Anyhoo, that’s 15. Have a cannabis-a-riffic 4/20!

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Sunday Ramble

Ah, another Sunday is upon us. In two short weeks we will begin the Sunday ritual of turning on the TV at 1:00pm and watching football for 7 straight hours. As I’m a fantasy football player, I usually just watch NFL Red Zone. Red Zone is great – even if you’re not a fantasy football fan – for one reason: NO COMMERCIALS!

If there’s one thing I can do without, it’s fucking commercials. I tend to watch all my tv through downloads, so it’s rare that I do watch commercials anymore. Though companies are plastering them all over the place – youtube, especially. But, ads promote capitalism and who am I to argue against someone trying to make a buck. Ads have their place in the world – but 90% of all ads are insulting and annoying.

Anyhoo… uh, sorta writer’s blocked at the moment. Might as well talk about myself! There’s one subject I never get sick of.

So what’s going on with me? Well, I’m currently on a mini-vacation, as I’m done teaching my class and school doesn’t start for another 2 weeks. I plan on using this time to either finish my main result for my thesis, or generalize the current result I have now. In any case, I’ve got lots of good results for my thesis so you can call me doctor at this time next year. 

What else – this weekend was my fantasy football draft weekend. I talked briefly (or at length, depending on who’s asking) about this last week. The cutthroat league draft took 2 hours – and I was roundly criticized for my order of picks. The 6 person league draft happened today and took just under half an hour. I showed up late to my buddy’s house and was forced to use autodraft for my first 3 picks. But it’s a 6 person league, so there’s plenty of talent available in free agency.

What else is goin on? I’m currently reading Midnight’s Children at the moment. It’s a dense, read but it clips along at a good pace. The way Rushdie has structured the narrative is interesting; there’s many hints of what’s to come in the story, but you’ve got to pay close attention because the hints are often buried away in throwaway lines. I really like the book so far – I think it’s probably his most famous work. But I’d be interesting in reading what else he’s done. I do love sweeping, Indian epics.

What else? Today is Sunday, so it’s one of my “online dating” days. (I send 3 new messages every Sunday and Wednesday.) The only problem is that if I see a girl online that I like, and send her a message, I’m almost constantly checking my e-mail to see if she’s written back yet. I suppose this displays neediness on my part, but she doesn’t know how often I’m checking. Regardless, there’s pretty slim pickings online so I’ll supplement my online routine with regular approaches at school.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve regularly approached women. (I learned game back when I was about 22, then got a gf and forgot to practice, then lost my game and dumped the gf.) Luckily, I work on a University campus, so there’s a never-ending supply of hot 20 year olds to approach. Best of all, every year brings a new bumper crop of coeds.

I get older, they stay the same age…. legal.

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