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Today I’m going to spend my 15 minutes gushing about how great the show “Utopia” is. I spend yesterday binge-watching the 1st season – which wasn’t terribly difficult, as it’s only 6 episodes long. But man O’ man, what a show.

The first thing I want to point out is just how beautiful the cinematography is. The show is very striking, with lots of highly contrasting and bright colours. Lots of wide open spaces and moody atmospheric shots. Just to watch the show itself is visually stimulating. Here’s a bunch of pics – look at all these colours!

Utopia00001 Utopia00002 Utopia00003 Utopia00004 Utopia00005 Utopia00006 Utopia00007 Utopia00008 Utopia00009 Utopia00010 Utopia00011 Utopia00012 Utopia00013 Utopia00014 Utopia00015 Utopia00016 Utopia00017 Utopia00018 Utopia00019 Utopia00020 Utopia00021 Utopia00022 Utopia00023 Utopia00024


And I haven’t even begun with the plot yet!

Ok, so the plot is unbelievably convoluted, and it goes something like this. A bunch of nerds share a love of a graphic novel called, “Utopia.” They agree to meet to discuss “Utopia 2”, but find that the guy who had the manuscript for Utopia 2 was killed. They quickly become embroiled in scandal and danger and, before they know it, they’re on the run for their lives.

Very slowly, we’re filled in on the back story. But the back story is crazy convoluted – short version: there’s a bunch of different warring factions who want to get their hands on “Utopia 2”, because hidden within its pages is the molecular blueprint for a certain type of protein which can sterilize 95% of the population and is hereditary.

The above makes sense if you’ve seen Utopia.

Anyhoo, it’s a crazy thriller – with lots of, “Who’s side are they on?” type mysteries – plenty of goodies and baddies to root for, and nothing is as it seems. Needless to say, I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire show. It’s tense, taught and makes one paranoid just by watching.

Moreover, Season 1 ends with a number of cliffhangers and loose ends. I’m hoping Season 2 (which should hopefully be released sometime this year) will answer a bunch of these questions. Of course, it wouldn’t be a successful spy-thriller if it didn’t pose even more questions than it answered.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is probably the greatest drama I’ve seen since Breaking Bad. Do you remember that tense, constricting feeling you had while watching Breaking Bad? I had that same feeling while watching Utopia – but since there were just so many riddles posed by the show, I felt compelled to keep watching in order to solve those riddles. Though, by the end, I’m left not trusting any of the answers the show has given us. There’s too many twists and turns and double crosses and triple crosses to believe that any of the information that various characters have given us were true.

Anyhoo… yeah. Great show.

Another thought I had while watching the show is that, since the whole journey began because of a comic book, I’m wondering if the highly contrasting visual style was done that way on purpose, as sort of a call back to a comic book’s style. Comics are bright and dramatic – similar to how the show was shot.

I will probably have to watch the show in its entirety again, just to see if there’s any more clues I can pick up. I’m surprised there’s no massive online following yet – I’m sure once the show comes to HBO, there will be.


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