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Bob’s Burgers is pretty awesome: a ramble

Yeah, I been pretty slacking lately. I’m trying to sort of simplify my goals. Well, I guess I’m just trying to make a better plan. Plus it’s cold out and it’s winter and I haven’t really started school yet, so it’s a lot like I’m on vacation.

Well, life is hard. Especially with my hectic “4 hours a week” at school this semester. I’ll be there for 2 hrs a day every Wednesday and Thursday. There’s a bunch of marking work I have to do, but I can do that at home where I’m nice and cozy and can wear my lazy pants.

Speaking of lazy pants, man is Bob’s Burger ever a good show. At first, I was convinced that Louise was the best character. She’s voiced by Kristen Schaal, who sort of has an inherently funny voice, and it’s heavily implied that she’s an evil genius. However, as time progresses, I’m more and more certain that Tina is the best character.

Tina is voiced by some guy, in the most flat, dead, monotone delivery ever, which works as Tina’s around 13-14 years old and is slowly becoming a disaffected teenager. But she’s more caught between childhood and adulthood, as she can relate with her little sister but she’s also wanting to be a grown up. 

Bob’s Burger is actually sort of teen-friendly and positive, now that I think about it. Tina deals with all those “teenager” issues that all teens have to navigate, but with Bob and the family’s help, she gets through it ok. 

However, it’s the over-the-top-teenage-emotion delivered in the deadpan monotone which is what’s so great about Tina. I haven’t watched enough of Bob’s Burgers to be able to quote it to the extent that I can with The Simpsons, I’m sure I’ll be stealing plenty of those lines soon.

Then this other show that I’m watching now is called True Detective. It’s an HBO mini-series starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaghey (sp?) aboud a hard-boiled detective (Woody) paired up with a supergenius pessimist lunatic in Matthew Mc-C. So far I’ve seen about 20 minutes of the first episode, and these guys have to solve some sort of satanic sacrifice murder. Woody is FBI and McC is a profiler or something. It’s pretty gloomy so far, and funny in a black humour way.

What else? Well, it’s one of my goals to start writing a novel, so the plan is to start writing 2000 words a day. Hopefully I can get back on track here and start waking up early. I think I’ll need to do my writing at a consistent time everyday to develop the habit. Often when I’m writing a blog post, I won’t really have any idea of what I’m writing about until my fingers start moving. I sort of worry about content, but crappy ideas and no ideas haven’t stopped me before!

Anyhoo, I’m rambling. My 15 minutes is up.



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