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A cannabis haze ramble about forcing myself to take advantage of the day

I was pretty slackadaisical [sic] last week with writing. So here we are trying to do a bit better.

I was pretty slackadaisical last week as well. Friday I had to get up early in order to go to the hospital for a kidney checkup. But then I didn’t nap during the day – so I was tired, and when I get tired I get lazy, and when I get lazy I get unproductive. So I basically took Friday off in order to watch tv, play video games and smoke weed. But then, Friday turned into Saturday and I was having so much fun doing nothing, that I kept on doing nothing.

So here I am today, trying to get out of the “do nothing” hole – and get back into the habit of work.

The problem is, doing nothing isn’t all that relaxing – because in the back of my mind I know I’ve got stuff I could be doing. I’ve got notes I could do for class, I’ve got a thesis I should be working on. So taking a day off fills me with guilt. (Not to mention I made chocolate chip cookies Friday night – from scratch, a-thank-you – and so yesterday I ate like, 20 cookies. Guh.)

I think, with goals, it’s easy to get frustrated with how much left there is to do. Usually I’ll do something like, have a good 2 or 3 days in a row, then have some small setback that will set me totally off course. Or I’ll get frustrated at how much longer it will be before I’m on my own, and I say “to hell with the diet” and overeat.

What I want to focus on now, is just writing all my goals down the night before, then during the day getting all my goals done as quickly and efficiently as possible. No matter how tired, how grumpy or how much I have left to do, I should focus on increasing my self-discipline by doing as many of my goals on the ToDo list as I can.

I need to remember that my feelings follow my actions – and if I take action, suck it up, and do the next thing on my ToDo list, once I’ve started, I’ll feel better about the whole thing.

Then I can relax at night, guilt-free, knowing that I spent my whole day working on my goals – and I can be more ok about the fact that my goals will take a long time. What gets me to my goals will be consistency – and as I focus on doing my goals everyday, pretty soon I’ll build up a consistent routine of getting these goals done. And little by little, I’ll start inching my way towards the finish line – until my consistent work catches up with me, and I inevitably reach my goal.

But most of all, I keep getting in the mindset of “I’ll start this for real, tomorrow.” Well, there is no tomorrow. The race has already begun, there’s no restarting – there’s only today, and what I can do today to get myself closer to my goals. If I have a setback, or I reach the end of the day without having done much, the best thing I can do for tomorrow is to write down my ToDo list, and go to bed early. But until then, don’t give up on today. Try and do as much as I can to achieve my goals, no matter what I’m feeling, or how much I don’t want to do it.

That’s what I’m focusing on today.

And finally, check off my tasks once I’ve done it on my ToDo list. That’ll give me a sense of accomplishment, seeing all those checks add up.

And also – do the worst thing first. This will probably mean exercise first thing in the morning, well then, so be it.


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Stephen Harper and his pants-shittingly bad cannabis logic

When you’re writers blocked…

So I saw a report on tv awhile back about how Stephen Harper is against legalization of cannabis because if weed were legal, it would find it’s way into the hands of children.

What dumb fucking logic is that!? We don’t want this substance getting into the hands of our kids, so we’ll relinquish complete control of the distribution. 

Logically, the more control the government has over a substance, the more controls they can put on said substance, and thus the harder it would be for kids to get access. (Don’t be fooled, kids will still get access – except now it’s going to be just a smidge harder than before.)

Currently, the sale of cannabis is done through a black market. The only control mechanism the government has on this substance is that it’s prohibited. (As we’ve seen in the states in the late 20’s, prohibition doesn’t work.)

If the Harper government were serious about keeping cannabis out of the hands of kids, they should immediately legalize and place serious restrictions on who can buy cannabis. If they leave the sale of cannabis to the black market, then there’s certainly no restriction as to whether or not a kid can buy weed. If I’m a drug dealer and some 13 year old hands me $20 for a dime bag, well he gets a dime bag. ‘Cause $20 is $20.

If weed is legal, however, and I’m a certified cannabis salesman and some 13 year old wants to buy weed, well then I’m certainly going to pay much more attention to the penalties of selling weed to a minor. Similar to alcohol and tobacco now, if a retailer sells these substances to a minor, he’s hit with a heavy fine and could possibly lose the right to sell said substances.

Why does the government think a hands off approach is going to work? Why don’t they take this view with cigarettes, for example? (Answer: Because it obviously doesn’t fucking work and they know this.)

The government needs to end prohibition, eliminate the cannabis black market, reduce gang violence and welcome the BILLIONS in new revenue. 

With my few remaining minutes, I’ll talk about ME! And what’s new in my life.

I just bought a (music) keyboard today. I plan on learning how to play piano over the next… couple years. I dunno how long it’ll take to learn how to play piano – but since I’ve already played flute, saxophone, tuba, baritone and the drums, I figure it’ll be a short learning curve for me.

Oh yeah – school starts in earnest tomorrow. I’m looking forward to hitting on all the new 18 year olds in their sexy yoga pants.

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Trudeau smoked pot… Awesome.

So it appears that Justin Trudeau has come clean and said he smoked cannabis. Fucking great! If the Liberals had any balls, they’d push hard for complete legalization.

First of all, the public is sick of the lies about cannabis. Cannabis will not, for example, turn men into raving loony psychos. Cannabis is not, for example, the most violence causing drug in the history of mankind. (PS: Fuck you Anslinger!)

Honestly, there have been 0 recorded deaths due to cannabis overdosing in recorded history. The idea that cannabis is harmful in anyway has been continually debunked.

Further, the history of cannabis (at least in America) is a history of racism. First Hearst demonized cannabis in his papers, to incite hatred against Mexicans. (There’s a reason most people still call it ‘marijuana.’) Subsequently, Harry J. Anslinger just made up a bunch of lies during the 1920’s so that cops could arrest black people who were smoking reefer.

Why the fuck should we believe anything the government has to say about cannabis prohibition today, when they’ve been lying to us for ONE HUNDRED YEARS!!!

Cannabis has unbelievable medical potential. It’s been proven to KILL CANCER! Not to mention act as an anti-inflammatory, immunosuppresant and anti-emetic. It lowers blood sugar, reduces ocular pressure and would be beneficial ahead of a trip to the dentist. The idea that we still need to argue for cannabis’ medicinal uses is asinine in this day and age.

Beyond the awesomeness of cannabis, we must also remember that cannabis plants grow on hemp stalks. Hemp is probably the most versatile textile on the planet. It’s a viable biofuel, it can easily produce paper, rope and other cloth materials. Remember how during World War II farmers were ordered to grow hemp for the navy? I don’t see that fact paraded around much.

If Trudeau can manage to stand firm, we should finally get an adult debate about the legalization of cannabis in this country. It goes without saying that a major impediment to legalization is the country founded by Puritans to our South. American still has cannabis listed as a schedule I drug, which means there’s no potential for medicine and a high probability of abuse. Both of these are false.

I for one would like to see cannabis legalized and taxed much in the same way as alcohol. It would bring in billions in additional revenue. Billions! Not to mention that by ending the prohibition, gang violence would decrease dramatically. Further, crime itself would decrease dramatically – but only because smoking a joint would no longer be considered a ‘crime.’ 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go participate in some illegal smoking activity.

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