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I am the Yellow King

Welp, the first season of True Detective has ended. Last night was the season finale – which I actually watched live on tv instead of downloading it later. The finale was pretty good, I thought. We got a nice creepy look into the life of (one of) the killer(s) and his gross house and incestuous predilections. Not to mention a long, haunting walk through “Carcosa” with a bunch of creepy, life-sized devil nets. 

Of course, with a series like this, there are some questions that are left unanswered. (And this has, predictably, lead to some outrage in the far-flung corners of the internet.) The one question that I think is foremost on everyone’s mind is, “So who was the Yellow King?”

One popular view is that the Yellow King was a shrine/totem set up in Carcosa. Looks a lil’ something like this:


However, I tend to disagree. Throughout the series, people have talked about the Yellow King as if it were a person. It could be that the Yellow King was a representation of death, and that the sacrifices took place in front of this particular totem… But I prefer a different theory.

In the final moments in Carcosa before the big fight, we’re given a short glimpse of a round hole in the ceiling of the death chamber/sacrifice lair. One theory I read suggests that the Yellow King is the sun, and that the victims were sacrificed at dawn to sate the Yellow King. 

Adding credence to this theory is the fact that sun-worshiping cults have been around for a long, long time. Since the Tuttle/Childress family is a death cult, then it’s not too far a leap to expect that this cult has some crazy pagan rituals and beliefs. Not to mention that they’re a death cult, so they don’t exactly have to have a firm grasp on reality.

Anyhoo, the show was really more about the lives of Marty Hart & Rust Cohle and how this case transforms them. Hart was transformed from a selfish, lazy sort of fellow into a good detective who cares about his friend Rust. Rust, of course, was changed from a pessimistic, Nietzschean nihilist into someone who lives with hope and the tiniest pinprick of optimism. 

Much has been said about McConaughey’s performance as Rust, and make no mistake, it was great. But I think Harrelson’s performance has been underrated, mostly because the character of Hart has been overshadowed by the craziness of Cohle. Both Harrelson & McConaughey should get nominated for Emmy’s for leading man, and if either of them won it, that wouldn’t be the worst Emmy ever awarded.

In any case, Season 2 of True Detective is in the works, so that’s good news. But until then…. keep on tasting the psychosphere. Time is a flat circle. I have written this post before and I will write it again.


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A ramble about True Detective and HP Lovecraft.

Well, that’s enough slacking for one month.

Maaaaaan, have you been watching True Detective? That show is crazy! It’s so intense – I haven’t seen episode 6 yet, I’ll be able to watch that one tonight, but last show some bad juju started going down.

The setup is that our two heroes, Marty and Rust (played by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, respectively) are FBI guys on the trail of a crazy satanic killer. Well, early in episode 5, they find the killer and execute him, ’cause he’s such a bad guy. Then we’re lead to think that that’s the end of all those satanic murders. 

But NOPE! Midway through the episode, a few years pass and things start going sideways. Marty’s daughter is 16 and acting out. (Dressing all goth and getting spit roasted in the back of cars.) Because of this, some suspicion is cast Marty’s way – because lurking all around the killer was the threat of some crazy cult that may or may not abuse children. (Plus there was that weird incident with Marty’s father in law.)

Anyhoo, Rust flips out on one suspect that he’s grilling when the suspect mentions “The Yellow King” and how the satanic murders aren’t over. This makes Rust unhappy. But the next day, when Rust comes back to re-interview the suspect, as it happens, the suspect has killed himself. Very shady.

So now, in present times, it looks like the two black guys who are talking to Rust and Marty look like they want to setup Rust as the original satanic killer. And now I don’t know who’s the badguy and who’s the good guy – could Rust be the killer? Are there heavy people involved, maybe in law enforcement, who want to shut the door on this satanic case so that it doesn’t get investigated further. And why did Rust and Marty have a falling out in the first place? Will Marty’s daughter stop being such a slut?

Questions questions questions! This show is phenomenal for drawing the attention of the viewer one way, then immediately taking them in a different direction. There’s only 3 episodes left – what’s gonna happen! I’m figuratively on the edge of my seat every week waiting for the next episode. Oh man, tonight’s episode is gonna be so awesome!!

One thing I read online about TD is it’s tangential connection to the H. P. Lovecraft mythos. Apparently in one of Lovecraft’s books, there was a “Cult of Cthulu” which arose in the backwoods swamps of Louisiana. (Coincidentally, that’s where the action takes place in TD!) – Anyhoo, one name that keeps getting repeated in TD is the “Yellow King”, which sorta sounds like a book of horror called, “The King In Yellow”. Now, Lovecraft read “The King in Yellow” and adopted some of its elements for his Cthulu mythos. So maybe TD is about to get super dark and scary with some Lovecraftian elements. Or the badguy in TD is a weird, Cthulu loving crazy sort of person.

Either way, 3 episodes to go and I’m willing to bet that crazy stuff is going to happen. Crazy, dark, messed up, scary, “Why am I watching this before bed” type of stuff.

It’s going to be great!

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Complete Horseshoe – Of course it’s a ramble

So I managed to hit something on my keyboard which turned on “gaming mode.” So now the WSAD and arroy keys are back-light with red LED’s. Look!


I honestly have no idea how I did that. I hit some sort of crazy combinations of keys with my headphones and la-la [sic], gaming mode! This sort of leads me to believe that there’s a bunch of other LED back-light combinations that exist, if only I could bother Googling how to do so. In fact, if I could get all the keys back-light, I could play video games in the dark! That’d be awesome – the screen would really pop but I could still look down and find my keys.

Anyhoo, I’ve been slacking recently on the ol’ blogaroonie – my house had all the upstairs windows replaced, so I had to take my computer apart for the past couple days. Then I had a tough time working through all the fucking noise that was going on. But I’m back, baby!

Mmmmyess… back, and nothing really prepared to write about. Well, let’s just keep on typing and see what happens.

One sort of drawback of having goals is that I don’t feel good when I piss the day away. For example, it’s Saturday, and aside from a number theory talk I have to give in two weeks, I’ve got no urgent deadlines to meet and nothing pressing to work on. Ordinarily (especially if I were living on my own) I’d be high as balls right now, playing video games or surfing the web. Doing nothing productive.

But now that I’ve got goals, I always get a vague sense of unease whenever I’m not working on my goals. Like, if I were to just lay back and start surfing the web, I’d start to feel antsy. And the only way I could get rid of that antsy-ness would be to do something productive. I guess this isn’t really a drawback, since I now feel the need to always be working. More like a feeling of “grown-up-ness” maybe? I ‘unno.

However, having said that, there are some traps that I can easily fall into that puts off being productive. One of these things is fucking reddit! Gah – I should just block it once and for all. With reddit, I always just end up looking at pictures online, and when i get to the end of a page, I say to myself, “Just one more page” – but it’s never just one more page.

That leads me to believe that looking at pictures must tickle the same pleasure centers of the brain as addictive narcotics. In fact, I’m almost willing to bet that looking at pictures must trigger some sort of addictive pathway, similar to refined white sugar or heroin. Maybe I should just block imgur, and then I could still get all the info from reddit without falling into the looking at pictures trap. Hmmm…

What else? Oh, I’ve been watching this new show on HBO called, “True Detective.” It’s pretty goddamn gloomy. Woody Harrelson plays an FBI agent who’s been paired with Matthew McConaughey, a wacked-out FBI profiler. Together, they’ve got to solve a satanic, ritual murder case.

Here’s a sort of sample of the back and forth between Woody & Matthew:

Woody: So, catch that ball game last night?

Matthew: Sports are just empty pastimes designed to distract the masses from the fleeting nothingness they call their lives.

Woody: Right… right. So, uh… do you like ice cream?

Matthew: Sugar is a product designed to fry your brain so that you don’t realize the creeping horror closing in all around you, which pacifies you so you don’t go kicking and screaming to your ultimate demise.

Woody: Muh huh. Smoke?

Matthew: Don’t mind if I do!

So yeah – not exactly the most uplifting of shows. I don’t recommend watching it before bed with the lights off. Still, it’s a well done murder mystery so far, and Matthew McConaughey does well with his part. I’ll keep watching it until it gets too intense.

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